D’Angelo Gives First U.S. Performance In 12 Years

Brown Sugar Is Back!

D’Angelo: Cruisin

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  1. MoNate

    So glad you wrote about this girl.

    I heart d’angelo and am glad he his back.


  2. muchacha

    I loved D’Angelo back in the day, and would love to hear whatever he next produces. I am also glad he’s back.

  3. Sam

    I saw the video for How does it feel back when I was about 12, and it confirmed my heterosexuality FAH REAL

  4. krib

    Yikes, time has not been kind to D’Angelo…

    • krib, Damn! Ok, yes, he’s lookin a little rugged at the performance but give him time, give him time… He’s been through the fire and he’s tryna make his way home, LOL! Thanks for the comment.

  5. the man could STILL get it.
    oooh i hope for some new music, and i hope he sticks with some classic R&B and doesnt try his hand at this newer R&B sound. the world needs some of that older sound back

  6. Julie

    Oh my – I forgot about that video. So hot! So very, very hot.

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