• MoNate

    So glad you wrote about this girl.

    I heart d’angelo and am glad he his back.


    • MoNate, things could get really cray for R&B/Soul if and when he puts a record out. Glad you liked the post.

  • muchacha

    I loved D’Angelo back in the day, and would love to hear whatever he next produces. I am also glad he’s back.

    • muchacha it’s gonna be good stuff…. it HAS to be! I’ll be keeping ya’ll posted.

  • Sam

    I saw the video for How does it feel back when I was about 12, and it confirmed my heterosexuality FAH REAL

  • krib

    Yikes, time has not been kind to D’Angelo…

    • krib, Damn! Ok, yes, he’s lookin a little rugged at the performance but give him time, give him time… He’s been through the fire and he’s tryna make his way home, LOL! Thanks for the comment.

  • nicole

    the man could STILL get it.
    oooh i hope for some new music, and i hope he sticks with some classic R&B and doesnt try his hand at this newer R&B sound. the world needs some of that older sound back

    • nicole, I can’t imagine him using auto tune or anything like that. I think it’s gonna be a good time :)

  • Julie

    Oh my – I forgot about that video. So hot! So very, very hot.

    • yes Julie. Good times, good times.