Watch: ‘Jersey Shore’s Deena Cortese Got Arrested For Being Drunk & Disorderly


The MTV cameras are rolling again in Seaside Heights, NJ and you know what that means … more shenanigans from the cast of Jersey Shore. In the past couple of weeks, the JS gang have already been involved in a couple of altercations and one of the cast members has already been arrested. Dina Deena Nicole Cortese got her drunken ass busted by the cops over the weekend due to her allegedly disorderly conduct. Basically, the girl was lookin’ an inebriated fool out in public and the cops decided to arrest her. Naturally, the MTV cameras where there front and center to film the entire event. Ladies and gentlemen, this is the state of reality TV entertainment here in the US these days.

“Jersey Shore” star Deena Cortese was arrested for disorderly conduct this afternoon in Seaside Heights, NJ … law enforcement sources tell TMZ. In a video obtained by TMZ, Deena can be seen dancing through the streets. The cops seem to be tolerating her behavior for a few minutes, but after awhile they decide they’ve had enough. You can see Deena cuffed, put in the back of a cop car and driven away … while Ronnie and Sammi look on. It’s been a busy weekend for the cast — as TMZ previously reported, the fellas from the show were in a bar brawl that appeared to leave Jwoww with a sprained ankle.

It’s interesting that MTV is still attempting to promote this kind of behavior as harmless entertainment. In the past few months, since the last season of Jersey Shore aired on MTV, one cast member sought treatment for his addiction and another cast member got herself pregnant. Still, it would seem that the plan is to continue milking drunken and illegal behavior for the next (and reportedly final) season of the show. Deena is already out of jail … her parents did the proud duty of bailing their drunken daughter out shortly after she was arrested. Just another day in the Seaside Heights of Jersey Shore. Honestly, IMHO, the end of this show can’t come quickly enough.


  • Christina

    Gah. The guy filming has the most annoying voice ever.