Jennifer Aniston And Justin Theroux Still Going Strong, On Romantic Parisian Holiday


Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux have taken a romantic holiday to the City of Lights, and were spotted yesterday landing in Charles de Gaulle airport. Cute pics have surfaced today of Justifer holding hands as they are escorted through the airport. It is great to see that they’re still going strong; they certainly look pretty gorgeous and close as ever. People magazine has reported that they were all lovey dovey while shopping and exploring Gay Paris. Oh, happy days.

Well, aren’t they just one cool looking couple? They’re Barbie and Ken to me; the pretty blonde woman and the tall, dark and handsome man just screams Barbie and Ken to me. I love their jet setting outfits too. Normally I’m not a fan of indoor sunglasses, but somehow on these two it just looks trés chic.

People magazine reported today that after checking into their hotel on the right bank, Jen and Justin were seen doing a spot of retail therapy together before hanging out in the Palais-Royal holding hands.

Many Parisians were cursing the rain on Sunday, as it pushed the French Open men’s final to Monday. But Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux were far from gloomy, as their brought their romance to the City of Light. The couple, who touched down at Charles De Gaulle Airport on Sunday, checked into a luxury hotel on the city’s Right Bank – a classy upgrade for the actress from last weekend, when she was named MTV’s best on-screen dirtbag – and took a walk in the Tuileries Gardens.

On Monday, Aniston, 43, and Theroux, 40, were spotted moving hotels, according to sources. After checking into their new digs, the pair popped out to Rue St. Honoré for a quick shopping trip at the boutique Colette. Next up: a stop by the Palais-Royal, where they were spotted holding hands.

I do really like these two together and believe that they’re in it for the long haul. They have been dating for about a year now and seem to still be going strong. They both just seem so comfortable and happy when they are together. They would also make ridiculously good looking babies, not that that is a reason to stay together though. Hope you have a fabulous holiday Jen and Justin. Eat some chocolate croissants for us.


  • JCZ

    It does appear that they’re outside in the first photo, but I might be wrong. Could be those crazy large airports where you’re required to move from one part to another by shuttle bus.

    And I can see that Barbie and Ken thing once you said it. Hot babies are a coming.

  • Ben@pr

    One of my favorite celebrity couples. I wish them a long and fulfilling relationship. If they get married it will be the celebrity wedding of this decade. They both seem down to earth and don’t take themselves too seriously.

  • Kelly

    Jen is my celeb by FAR, I just hope this works out for them!!(he is SO hot and has his OWN career)! I’m worried for her she has passed her time for bio babies!!!!! :(

  • As you say, it is very hard to pull off the indoor sunglasses look, and if I’m honest, many celebrities fail with it and look stupid! But I think both Jen and Justin just about pull them off…just!