Full Speed Ahead


After my fairly full day yesterday morning and afternoon, I was pretty wiped for the rest of the day. My late afternoon nap ran a bit longer than I planned and, well, I decided to call it a day. The coming week will be a fairly quiet one for me so I’ll have time to take care of some menial chores around the house. Fun, right? Still, now that we’re well into June, I’d like to get things sorted so I can turn my focus on enjoying the Summer.

This is one more photo of Ollie and me from yesterday’s fun. Trust me, I won’t be wearing this tutu on a regular basis. Actually, it’s going into storage until next year’s Pride Run. I mean, yeah, I love bright neon colors but I have to draw the line somewhere.

Now that Summer is upon us, there will be much opportunity to get outside and enjoy the warm sun but when I have to be inside, I fear I’m severely lacking in television entertainment. After I posted that amazing group photo of all 5 Star Trek captains, I was reminded how much I love the ST franchise. I decided to dig out my Star Trek: Voyager DVDs so that I can rewatch the entire 7 season series:

I’ve only watched the entire ST: V series in full twice before. First, when it originally aired on TV in the mid-90s and then on DVD about 5 years ago after I first moved to LA. I really miss having a Star Trek TV series on the air so I’m actually looking forward to watching these eps again. Star Trek: The Next Generation airs in repeats on a few channels so I’ll be DVRing those eps but my plan is to spend the Summer with Voyager. I watched the first few eps of the first season already and I have been reminded of how brilliant a series Voyager truly was and still is. The cast of characters is really superb. Anyways, I know this isn’t exciting news but I’m sure many of y’all like to go back and revisit old TV shows like this from time to time. OK, nerd rant over.

David and I don’t have plans for tonight but I’m sure we’ll think of something fun to do … that is, after I get my chores done. Happy Monday.

  • Jill

    Trent, do you have Netflix streaming? You can watch all episodes of Star Trek Next Generation.

    • @Jill — I cancelled my Netflix last year when the rate increased. I may resubscribe again, tho.

  • Adriana

    Can I just say I lalalalalaLOVE this picture?? Wish we had run together. I’ll be holding it down at the NY run and will send you pictures.