Watch: Madonna Flashes Her Bare Breast In Instanbul


Welp, she’s at it again. Madonna, the Queen of Controversy, has decided to spice up her current MDNA World Tour a bit by purposely providing fans an intentional flash of her bare breast. I mean, yeah, Maddy’s bare body parts (all of them) aren’t anything new but clearly she wanted to remind us that she is the master of attention-grabbing antics. During her recent concert stop in Istanbul, Madonna pulled down her bra to bare her breast and nipple during her performance of Human Nature. Naturally, there is video evidence of her boob flash. Click below to see video of Madonna’s bare breast but, of course, be warned that the video is NSFW.

Here is fan-shot video of Madonna’s performance of Human Nature / Like A Virgin. You can watch Madonna whip out her nipple at around the 2:55 mark of the vid:

Oh Madge, you’re so naughty. It’s unknown if Madonna plans to bare her breast(s) during future concert stops or if she was just caught up in the moment. One thing’s for sure, Madonna will continue to come up with inventive ways to keep people taking about her new world tour. For those of you who can’t get enough, here is an animated gif of Madonna’s boob flash for your repeated watching enjoyment … enjoy!


  • Nancy

    What a great Mommy role model for her kids. She needs to go away. YUCK!

  • Mela

    AKA “My music isn’t good enough so lets talk about my behavior…as long as I’m still famous.”

  • nicole

    *shakes head*

  • Tom

    i guess that was a marketing strategy implemented by her advisors!!!!!her music has nothing ” new or revolutionary ” ….

  • I really dont want to sound like a hater but Madge, you’re a fifty year old woman. You have saggy parts and you’re committing public indecency. Please stop before you embarrass yourself further

  • Debho

    *blech* Does anyone really want to see her old Granny tits? As usual, she’s all class.

    • JCZ

      HAAA! LOL!

  • Shannon

    It looks like she’s friends with alanis and could still be breast feeding her kids..

  • PetaF

    Yuck. Yuck. Yuck. That is all. And yuck.

  • chrissie

    i think the look on her face when she did that was HOT

  • Alys

    Yuck. :(

  • Titi

    Oh here comes the Holy brigade. I wonder how you guys feel when Angelina Jolie get pounded in one of her movies with her big tits on full display and legs spread open in the name of thespian ART, yet when Madonna goes on tour and flashes a tit in the name of pure performance entertainment, everyone has a cow. Newsflash: when Madonna goes on stage, she’s not Madonna the mommy. She’s fucking MADONNA. The MDNA Tour isn’t exactly kid friendly to begin with. So what’s the difference? She plays a character in that particular segment and she improvised something X-rated. Nicole Kidman did Eyes Wide Shut, had 2 kids, and she showed it ALL in that movie. Is she a desperate cow too? Check yourselves guys. To demonize Madonna (!!!) for this means you’re going to have to do a lot of backtracking. Amazing how people get so precious when this woman does something. It’s HILARIOUS.

    • Titi

      Oh, and yes, Angelina Jolie was a mother at the time too.

    • Cybelle

      But it was for a movie. I’m sure the directors/screenwriters were the ones who wrote the scene into the film and they agreed to it because it had a purpose in the movie. Madonna’s attention-seeking antics served no purpose except that, to seek attention. Plus she’s 54 years old, saggy, and just not very attractive anymore, sorry.

    • Ben@pr

      Amen Titi. Many Americans are so uptight about nudity yet the ones that have the worst bodies are the first to hit nude beaches in the Caribbean and Europe.

    • Titi

      Eh, it’s rock n roll – give me Madonna’s 54 year old, well preserved tit over some bimbo who mimes her entire concert, a dumbass who collaborates with former boyfriends who happened to bash her face in, or some chick who thinks she’s a messiah here to save every insecure teenager on the planet.

      When Madonna passes away, all of you are going to probably put your hand on your breast and mock-cry and said how you always loved her spirit and her music and that she was a true original. Just watch.

    • Katie

      Well she did just get all offended when MIA held up her middle finger during the Super Bowl performance. She called that childish and stupid. What exactly is this? Yes, she is Madonna…whatever. Let’s not act like she is above being questioned for odd behavior.

    • Oliver


  • Jennifer

    It’s a freakin’ boob. Get over it. Having breasts doesn’t make anyone any less of a role model. We need to get over our obsession with breasts being this great big secret sex objects. Boobs feed babies, they’re nice to look at, get over it.

  • Mihai

    Why would they feel the need to do this, other than getting attention? And that goes to not just Madonna, but Angelina Jolie, Nicole Kidman and every single female celebrity who has done something similar. I find the reason ‘it’s for art’ just a silly excuse to show off their bodies. These people are extroverts, they want people to talk about them. I find it cheap. But that’s just my opinion.

    • Titi

      Well it’s not like she has a gray tit sagging all the way down to her navel guys. For a 54 year old she has pretty decent breasts. So the exaggerated squirming and the disgust just seems like wishful thinking to me, from people who probably wouldn’t like anything Madonna-related, but I’m straying from my point.

  • PetaF

    I don’t think there is anything wrong with the fact that she did this in the sense of her being a mother, role model etc (although I’m sure Lourdes cringed too) she can do what she wants, she has a solid fan base who will love this, it’s typical her. But for me… Madonnas boob is just not something I want to think about or see. And that’s just my opinion. I am entitled to it and so is everyone else. still. Yuck.

  • nicoleeee

    Madonna is a legend; therefore she can do whatever she wants.
    We live in a society where advertising agencies use half naked women and sex to sell everything;
    Why is Madonna expressing herself such a big deal?
    It shouldn’t be.

  • PetaF

    I don’t think it should be a big deal either, though she certainly has got the attention she wanted, she’s an old pro, she knew what it would generate and she succeeded. And no her boobs aren’t that bad,it’s just not a boob I wanna see. Ever again.

  • Banana

    boob is ok. but if she pulls down her underwear and flashes her crotch, now that i WILL have some comments about it.

    Istanbul? didn’t they catch her or something?

  • rOXy

    Certainly sounds like the audience loved it. I bet she’s sitting back somewhere LHFAO because something so common as a woman’s breast created such a buzz.

  • Only Madonna can make gay guys get super excited about seeing a breast.

  • Fabio

    That is why she’s the QUEEN. All hail queen Madonna!

  • tatacoco

    I think the idea was to tell muslim women to be as free as whe is and claim their freedom… yeah well I’m a woman I don’t pull out my boobs eveywhere, gosh, hopefully guys don’t show their balls all the time either… it’s a very narrow vision of body and mind freedom, money makes you stop thinking…

  • Laura

    If I had boobs like that at her age I’d flash them to –

    The comments made about her age are strange considering she is in better shape than most 20-30 year olds

    • j

      She might have the figure, but not the skin elasticity.

  • Jerd

    Kinda gross when you look at all that extra skin n whatnot. When will she act her age?

  • Krissy

    This looks completely desperate, IMO. Flashing a boob is such a cheap trick, there is no creativity in that. It wasn’t very flattering, either.

    I want old Madonna back, where you didn’t see her trying so hard and everything seemed more effortless.

    • you totally contradict yourself. you say it looks desperate but then you say you want the old maddy back. she’s been showing her tits for 20 years. it’s madonna. if it upsets you, why are you a fan? and besides, fuck flattering. tits out!

    • Krissy

      I didn’t contradict myself at all. I want her sensibility back…that doesn’t mean doing the same thing forever. That was the thing, she never did the same old thing. It used to seem that she did what she wanted and didn’t care, now it seems as if she cares too much, desperately so, and it is sad.

  • CDMorris

    If you wanna see something really gross than look at the “boobs” of the 50 year old men at the beach… that is desperate and uncalled for. I don’t mind Madge’s boob at least she put it back away

  • it cracks me up that people get so uptight about this. she’s at a rock concert for chrissake. bring it on. loosen up, people and have some fun.

  • La D

    LOL gotta love M. This is nothing new, nor nothing shocking. She feels like doing something – she does it. Simple as that. At this point it doesn’t matter. She’s untouchable because she’s already achieved everything. If people hate on her, what does she care? She’s long past having to worry. People don’t have to like it but I’m sure she’s not losing any sleep. Good for her.

  • Libby

    At some point I think this sort of behavior becomes sad & desperate instead of newsworthy. I have not heard any of her music from her most recent album on the Top 40 radio stations in my area – I think she is trying to stay relevant by doing this.

    I just can’t get behind the “good for her” sentiment or that she was just expressing herself – that may be the truth but I don’t believe it. It got people talking about her & I think that was the point – attention.

    • well, there’s your problem right there—top 40 radio. eek. who needs it?

  • Ryan

    I’m a fan but this is just ruining our memory of her formally wicked tits. It’s the same thing that brought down Janet Jackson ’cause if it isn’t hot it spoils any association you have with being sexy. Now when I look at old pictures of her it’s going to remind me of this. Huge Mistake.

  • Will

    I consider myself a huge Madonna fan (having all her albums ,singles and other stuff), but I refuse to be afraid to admit that…..

    Actually I don’t have any problem about artists trying to get some attention or being controversial, as long as it has some MEANING to it.
    In her “”Like A Prayer” or “Erotica” era, she was being controversial and fearless, trying to confront the church or being vocal about sexuality (sex) through her art.
    I really respected that and thought it was a very brave thing to do. For me, she was the coolest thing ever.
    Today, she’s still trying to get her message out there, (and that’s great!) but…it’s simply not the same.
    Showing her nipples like that doesn’t really shock me (or any adult) anymore, and it just seems like she’s seeking attention for the sake of it.
    I know I suck at explaining things (sorry), but for me, the Madonna from the 80’s or 90’s was a “real” artist, while the Madonna we get nowadays is more of a “business-woman”.
    It’s not that I’m really against it (making business and succeeding is nice) …. but as a long time fan, I can’t help to feel sad that she seems to be focusing more on that than her “art”.

  • Ariel

    calm down people it’s just a boob!!! she didn’t kill anybody!! and she did it in the heat of the moment to her fans!! that’s it!! just to be cheeky. and stop with the age thing when you all demand tom cruise, brad pitt, or anyother male of 45 and up to keep their shirts on and stop prettending to be sexy accion heroes and act their age then you can demand madonna, demi, sharon and other to start acting their age.

  • Donny

    What’s the big deal? People (including many commenters here) are way too uptight. It’s not sad. It’s not desperate. It’s a moment.

    By the way, Madonna isn’t sagging anywhere. She has an amazing body and her tits probably look that same as when she was 30.

  • PixiesBassline

    First of all, for the Madonna haters here: you sure did hop on over and have a peek though, didn’t you?
    Secondly, I hope you remember this when you’re in your 50’s (and she still is looking better than you, as she probably does now) and your tits are dragging the ground. I also hope you get a taste of younger people telling you that you have no value because of your age.
    Thirdly, YOU don’t matter to her. Her fans matter to her.
    And fourth:sometimes even the best tits can look odd if they’re being shown in a weird position. I think if the bra was completely off and they weren’t being so squished, they would’ve looked awesome. She’s always had nice breasts.
    LASTLY: WTF is wrong with you people? Once a FEMALE hits a certain age she is supposed to cover up and act how YOU think she should act? Fck that.

    • fmx

      I agree entirely with you. I think it’s refreshing to see people in their 50’s doing something fun in their life, that all it is is she’s doing it for fun. I may not understand or agree with all of her art but this ageism thing is out of control. Other women in their 50s are expected to act conservative, wear blazer suits and do boring things, and she knows she’s doing it its gonna ruffle people’s feathers that needed some ruffling. People today are as ageist as they were sexist years ago. Somewhere, someplace, your 20 yr old boyfriend is secretly getting a hard on.

    • Debho

      Just let me say this…I am 50. I certainly don’t think I’m old or worthless. However, there comes a time in your life when you need to show a little more class. Showing your tits off is fine if you’re in your late teens, early 20s. After that, not so fine. Even if they’re in great shape (which might I point out, Madonna’s aren’t). Yes, it’s just a boob. Big whoop. We’ve all seen them before. But it does reek of desperation in this case. And as for sexy? Meh, looks like she’s wearing a nursing bra. Yes, she does this for the fans…but really, can’t she just get up and do a show without having to try and impress? I’m not envious of her at all. I’m still in good shape,enjoy a good life, but don’t feel the need to try and validate my worth by hanging out the girls. When you turn 50, I’ll bet you’ll feel the same way.

    • PixiesBassline

      No disrespect (because I usually like your posts) but you also aren’t Madonna and don’t perform concerts for other peoples’ entertainment. Her age does not define her. We may gain wisdom with age but if you’ve always been playful and daring, at least some of that is going to stay with you. I don’t think having class has anything to do with it. The fans certainly sounded like they enjoyed it.
      If I had been famous for 20+ years and I wanted to pull a tit out during MY show, on MY stage, I would do it. Even if I was 110 years old. The people who thought ill of me for doing so wouldn’t matter to me.

  • Amanda

    I’m not shocked or appalled about the boob flash. I find it kind of sad that a woman in her 50s feels the need to do so in order to be seen as still relevant and sexy. Sure she looks great for 50, as would any one that can afford hundreds of thousands worth the plastic surgery and a personal trainer. It’s just embarrassing to watch her try to keep up with the 20 something popstars. You can be sexy and act your age (see Michell Pfeiffer and Susan Sarandon).

    • PixiesBassline

      I think she’s being herself more than she’s trying to “keep up with the 20 somethings”.
      But I’d really like to know what you mean by her needing to “act her age”? What are the rules that all the age categories should abide by and who gets to decide them?
      This is her show. Her work of art. It’s not like she walked down the street with a boob out. This was her show that people paid to see. For entertainment, which she provided. And they loved it.

  • jenny

    They’re a little lower than I remember them. When does it go from being “fierce” to being sad and a lil gross?

  • Will

    Reading these posts, I find it’s so sad that ageism is still so widely accepted like this.
    I never understood the urge for people to say that “You should be like this because of your age/color/sexual-preference/etc…”
    I know many people will try to justify why they write things like these, but no matter how you try, no one can deny that these actions/words are prejudicial attitudes towards older people, therefore making it a DISCRIMINATION.
    Simply said, why not treating people the way you want to be treated? I would never want to hear people babbling around me about “How I should act” when I get older.
    Putting people in a box like this is stereotyping, and any educated person knows that stereotyping is NEVER a good thing.

  • Kerie

    There’s so much that is so very VERY wrong with this clip that I don’t know where to even begin.
    First of all, after grandma exposes her sagging boob,she does an “upward lift” so that we can see her Vienna Sausage nipple.
    Second, as if it wasn’t disturbingly awkward enough, there is a nice never ending replay loop that is going to give me nightmares for the rest of my life!

    …but let’s at least have a sense of humor about it people!!

  • Joe

    That’s the difference between Madonna and Kylie. Crass VS Class…

    • bitch, please. that whole argument is tired. that word ‘class’ is tired and tacky. who needs it? loosen the fuck up. you don’t define madonna or anyone else.

      all these comments remind me of those guys posing with signs on the internet telling girls what they should and shouldn’t do. the only proper and totally classy response? a big ol’ FUCK YOU!

      TITS OUT!!!

    • Joe

      see what i mean…total CRASS… hahaha

  • DT

    I’m just curious as to why she contradicted herself…before the Super Bowl, she said, “you don’t have to flash a boob to be interesting”, or something to that effect. Yet here we are, a few months later, titties all in our faces. Surely there’s no way to justify this?

    • PixiesBassline

      And what? She didn’t have to flash a boob at the superbowl. She didn’t have to do it at her show either. But she felt like doing it, so she did. Her show and the Superbowl are two completely different things.
      I don’t understand why people have such a problem with her being herself. I guess because you guys see it as her trying to be like someone else?? If that’s the case, then you should broaden your knowledge on this woman.

  • PixiesBassline

    “Express yourself, don’t repress yourself” is the message in the song here.
    Not “repress yourself because others think you should”.
    I’d be really disappointed in her if she did such a thing.

  • MaddM@

    so people are bugging that she flashed some nipple in a song that originally had a video in direct reaction to the type of repressive BS here about showing some tit? She also had a book called SEX so it’s not new for her… I don’t think it was trying to get attention, it wasn’t an event to be televised or anything. I also don’t think she did it to be sexy either, I think it’s just a statement along with the song. “I’m not your bitch don’t hang your shit on me”

  • Megsterg

    She does have an amazing body, but come on. She has a teenage daughter and she’s on stage flashing her boobs? She has no authority to tell her daughter not to act the same way. Yes there is a difference because she’s a performer on a stage, but a teenager isn’t going to be able to separate it that easy. It’s just gross to me.

  • Elise

    I think it was tacky. In an age where we have seen it all, no one cares. Madonna never had much boob to begin with, so it wasn’t even that big of a deal, since there wasn’t anything there to really see. It’s not the boob, but the look on her face that really gets me, it’s like she’s saying “Oh, well, I like to show my boobs and I will, so take this weird version of the middle finger and suck on it,” to her fans. Very odd.

  • djrees56

    You know…I think it was a costume boob..part of the nipple is missing at the top.