Miranda Kerr In Gorgeous Summer Photoshoot For ‘Vogue UK’


Yes, the girl doesn’t take a bad picture, but I think I have just seen one of my favorite Miranda Kerr photoshoots. The gorgeous Australian model (yay Aussie) who is married to Orlando Bloom and has the cutest baby, Flynn, just did a summer shoot for Vogue magazine UK and it is warm and full of joy – all the attributes of a good summer.

I love Miranda. I know, I’m probably a little biased, but I do just really like her views on health, family and career. She’s young and intelligent and seems unaffected by the world of modeling and fashion. She also always has a genuine smile in photos, never that I’m-sucking-in-my-cheekbones-and-haven’t-eaten-in-a-week look so many of today’s models sport. Her trademark dimples and girl-next-door look is quintessentially Australian, and just so appealing. You almost feel like she’s a friend of yours. (Or is that just me and my imaginings?) Miranda was born in Sydney but raised in the country town of Gunnedah, where she grew up riding horses and racing motorbikes on a farm. She is a true country girl and her down to earth spirit is always there, even now when she’s one of the most highly paid supermodels.

This shoot is just that: happy and relaxed. I love the pic of Miranda on the swing and of course the Bondi Beach shot with the lifeguards is particularly appealing to me. It does make me a bit homesick for my hometown, but it also captures the very essence of how I see Miranda – healthy, joyful, and definitely full of that summer spirit. The pic of her holding Flynn with his back to the camera is pretty gorgeous too. Seriously, does this woman ever not look happy and amazing?

Here are some more pics from the shoot..


  • JCZ

    Aw Mel, completely agree. She has her screwed on and bolted! Very few models can hold so many definitions from sexy to beautiful, she can ooze so many different looks and she still comes across as genuine. Aussies ftw!

    And when looking at her, you think, “What could possibly make a photograph of Miranda Kerr so much more beautiful or appealing?”
    Well the question is in the first photograph, that darn cute baby!

    How often do you come home Mel?

    • @ JCZ- Thanks for your comment! Are you in Aus?? I try and come home every year but I haven’t been back now since March last year. I miss it! xx

    • JCZ

      Sure am – this photoshoot brings some warmth to this cold winter we’re strangely having!

  • Gah, she’s a hottie. My third of three girl crushes…. Mmmmm

  • Tamara

    what I love about our Miranda is that she started in a magazine modeling compotition and then has just gone on to make herself one of the biggest modeling names in the world. She also still loves Australia and wants Flynn to be raised with the Aussie Values and no matter how much she works she is sooooo down to earth.