Are You Ready For The ‘Mad Men’ Season Finale Tonight?


Do you have your DVRs set for tonight or are you preparing for a night in with the popcorn and scotch? I’m so excited for the season finale of Mad Men that I am almost happy to accept that I won’t be able to watch another episode next Sunday. Almost. I LOVE AMC’s Mad Men and this season has been one of its best yet, in my personal opinion. There was a lot of build up to the debut of season 5.. we had promos and teasers and posters, and now it seems like the season flew past. When they mentioned at the end of last week’s episode that this week was going to be the season finale I couldn’t believe it. I have no doubt tonight will end with a MASSIVE cliff-hanger, but what will it be? Check out my top 10 questions which may or may not be answered in tonight’s season finale.

Season 5 debuted March 26 and there have been only 12 episodes. Tonight’s (unlucky?) 13th episode is called The Phantom and AMC has said that “an opportunity is in the air for everyone and Pete meets a stranger on the train”. Doesn’t say much, does it?

Thanks to NY Magazine I have compiled a list of the top 10 questions we want the show to answer in tonight’s finale, but we know they probably won’t…

1) Will Peggy come back to the firm?
2) Will we ever find out what happened with Peggy and Pete’s baby?
3) Where is Joan’s husband?
4) Where have baby Gene and Betty been hiding?
5) Is SCDP going to land American Airlines?
6) Is Paul getting settled in L.A.?
7) How’s Duck Phillips doing these days?
8) What ever happened to Pete’s insurance salesman train buddy? And that guy’s wife, who Pete slept with?
9) Wasn’t Mad Men going to deal with race and civil rights this season?
10) Why have we never heard anything more about Megan’s mother and Roger Sterling after the night of the ad awards? (Remember that scene where Sally walked in on them…)

I love this show but they certainly do let a lot of characters and story lines just disappear off the face of the earth. Season 5 has been dark as hell and increasingly suspenseful. In typical Mad Men style the first few episodes were slow building and the last few episodes have been CRAZY dramatic. I just know that tonight’s finale is going to be BIG, especially after last week’s intense plot development. How do you think season 5 is going to end?


  • Slave4UBB

    You mean SEASON finale, right? Series finale means the end of the show. lol

    • Yes, season finale, at least at this stage…. we still don’t know for sure what is happening with season 6, especially given the looong wait between seasons 4 and 5… I REALLY hope there is another season!

    • jane

      They are signed on for 2 more seasons. So no, it’s not the series finale at all.

  • chicitymama

    I want to see Pete find out he’s the father of Peggy’s baby! Maybe Pete will leave Trudy cuz he’s so miserable…maybe Joan and Roger will move in together? Gah…love this show!!! Why must it end??

    • Hannah

      Pete does know, he found out on one of the earlier seasons but nothing was ever said of done about him finding out. I believe it was when he was struggling to have a baby with Trudy.

  • Morgan

    to melissa’s defense, it’s an Australian/English thing to call a “season” finale a “series finale”! :)

  • Mark

    Mad Men is a slow burner in terms of plot resolution. It can sometimes take seasons before certain questions are answered.

  • Asty

    So you got your answer to #’s 1, 8 & 10. As for #2. We know what happened, the baby is being raised by Peggy’s sister. As for #3. We know where he is, he voluntarily returned to Vietnam and then served her with divorce papers. #4. We’ve seen Betty in several recent episodes, it’s hard to say she’s been hiding. 5.6. 7…Guess we’ll have to wait and see.

  • mimi

    morgan – they do call them “season finales” in australia as well. i believe the error was because the author wasn’t aware that the show has been signed for another 2 seasons!