Watch: The Other Driver In The Lindsay Lohan Car Accident Speaks


Yesterday afternoon, Lindsay Lohan was involved with a car accident when her Porsche collided with an 18-wheel truck and today we are learning more about the accident. As you may recall, Lindsay’s car was totaled and she was taken to the hospital but checked herself out after a couple of hours. Today not only do we get to see grim photos from the accident but we are also hearing a very curious tale — from the truck driver. According to him, Lindsay’s people tried buy his silence about the accident in a seeming attempt to hide … something. Click below to see video of the truck driver telling his side of the story.

This is what Lindsay’s car looked like after it was hauled away from the scene of the accident (Pacific Coast Highway) to the scrap heap. As you can see, her car is in pretty bad shape … she is very lucky that she was not seriously injured. Here are photos of Lindsay making a hasty exit from the hospital yesterday after she got herself checked out:

As I understand it, Lindsay was really interested in getting back to the set of Liz & Dick so that she could prove to producers that she is not a liability. HMMM. Now for the good stuff. The truck driver involved in yesterday’s accident paints a very interesting picture of what happened yesterday. According to him, not only did Lindsay try to flee the scene of the accident but she seemed really intent on keeping a few articles inside her car a secret. I wonder why. The driver also claims that Lindsay’s people tried to buy his silence … again, I wonder why:

The guy driving the giant truck that got rear ended by Lindsay Lohan Friday tells TMZ … LiLo was trying to flee the scene and when he tried to stop her … her people tried to buy his silence … James tells TMZ after the accident, he called 911 as Lindsay and her male assistant got out of the Porsche and into the Escalade. James says the assistant picked up a pink bag, “filled it up with something” and then put clothes on top of it. James claims the driver of the Escalade was trying to keep him away from the SUV. James says he wanted to exchange info with Lindsay (whom he did not recognize) but it was apparent to him she was about to flee the scene. James says the Escalade driver offered him money, saying they could “go to the bank” and withdraw some cash. James says the Escalade driver and Lindsay’s assistant put on a full court press: “Him and the guy took me across the street and told me this was some kind of famous person and they didn’t want to be in the media. But I’d already called 911 because they were trying to get away from the scene. But they packed a bag and then the limousine driver told me, ‘Don’t mention the bag to the cops.'”

None of this is at all surprising. We will likely never find out what it was that Lindsay was trying to hide. My guess is that nothing of consequence will come from this accident at all. In the end, no matter who was at fault, it’s a miracle Lindsay wasn’t seriously injured in this accident. The girl has got nine lives, y’all. She takes a licking and just keeps on ticking.

[Photo credit: X17; Source]

  • kelly

    I’m sorry but this guys story sounds like such BS

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  • Bounds

    BS? More like Lindsey the delusional douchebag once again thinking life revolves around her and with that kind of impact, this bitch was driving too fast and the truck switched lanes as she tried to fly past and effed up. She is damaged goods in a world where these entitled princess poisons get away with it. I wish this troll would just disappear in a drug fueled whirlwind so we can not talk about her anymore. Take Amanda Bynes where you when you go.

  • PixiesBassline

    If I wrecked my car so badly that it was going to be towed away, I would definitely get as much of my stuff out of the car as possible. Especially if I wasn’t that injured.
    It could’ve been anything in that pink bag. Drugs, alcohol, jewelry, her rental reciept, ANYTHING.

    • Debho

      Exactly! She might have had a script in the car which of course she’d have to get out. The driver is probably trying to have his 15 minutes..once he realised who the other driver was. With all of LiLo’s past problems, she’s an easy target.

  • Tracy

    I’m not surprise I don’t think LL is healed well enough to be out in the public still. She needs to stop getting behind the wheel and driving. But, if everything is on the 911 tape as this man indicated then the real truth will come out.

  • rOXy

    LiLo needs to stop getting behind the wheel. If nothing else, I hope she gets her license revoked. The studio should send a driver for her. I do sense exaggeration in the driver’s account. I think he wondered about the pink bag, but may have added the bit about them asking him not to mention it to the cops. In California, whoever does the hitting is the one at fault. If you rear-end someone who stops short in front of you, you’re still at fault because you should have been driving at a safe enough distance to stop. I bet there was speed involved. Linds doesn’t know how to handle high performance vehicles. She forgets that she is flesh and blood and that stands no change against speed and asphalt. Step out of your bubble, LiLo. Reality awaits.

  • Oscar in Miami Beach

    The one being paid handsomely is the judge that let her get away with murder.Heavy dough has passed under the table.This woman must be stopped somehow.She is a menace.This time no one was hurt but the next time when she kills somebody,what is going to happened?.The judge that let her out should be kicked out of the bench.Shameful.

  • Ben@pr

    Yup, Lindsay being Lindsay. The mess doesn’t show any attempt to change her disastrous and irresponsible ways. Anyone who hire her is voluntarily signing for her liability.