Watch: Lady Gaga Seemingly Responds To Madonna’s Recent Mockery Of ‘Born This Way’


Early last week we got to hear audio of Madonna seemingly mocking Lady Gaga’s song Born This Way in the wake of allegations that Gaga’s song is a rip-off of Madonna’s song Express Yourself. Today we get to hear from Gaga herself in a seeming response to that mockery. During a long and rambling performance of the song Hair while out on tour in New Zealand this week, Gaga made reference to other people who like to “make a mockery” of other people’s work. It’s unclear if she was speaking specifically about Madonna but it seems likely. Click below to watch video of Gaga’s 11+ minute performance/speech and see what you think of her comments.

Here is the full video of Gaga’s performance … she talks a lot. Watch the video to hear her comments in full but I’ve excerpted a portion of the relevant parts below:

“You could never invalidate the power of Born This Way … I don’t want to be your fucking Queen, I want to be your friend … It sometimes makes people feel better about themselves to put other people down or make fun of them or maybe make a mockery of their work. But, that couldn’t make me feel good at all. That’d just make me feel like I’m not being a good human being. I feel that if you’re a really good human being, you can try and find something beautiful in every single person. And, it’s a challenge – but, at the end of the day I learned so much this year about that. I learned a lot about negativity. I learned a lot about people trying to tear you down. But I’m just not that person, and I never will be. And I don’t even wanna fight back. Because, it’s more important to me to keep writing music. Cause that’s all I really care about … my music … I don’t have a fanbase that wants me to fight or bite or be shady. Or cunty. The way that we all used to be … We’re in a new place in society now, aren’t we? … Things are really different now than they were 25 years ago and that’s what makes Born This Way so relevant for me … We’re just socially in a completely different place and it’s okay: You don’t have to hate and slice each other anymore.”

Now, I am assuming that Gaga is speaking about Madonna’s mockery of Born This Way but, of course, I cannot know for sure. These comments do seem to address the fact that Madonna has taken aim at BTW but … who knows. Honestly, the debate over BTW and Express Yourself is so tired. Wouldn’t it be amazing if both Madonna and Lady Gaga just shut up about it already? I say, let them each do what they do, entertain their own fans and ditch the drama. I just really do not want this she said/she said stuff to go on forever :/


  • Rachel

    Madonna actually sings part of Born This Way during her new concert, so I don’t think she’s making fun of it at all. She’s celebrating it.

    • John

      I totally agree, it’s typical Madonna, cheeky. Remember how she wore the Kylie t-shirt? Same thing here- showing a bit of support I think. There seems to be a lot of (sorry) Gaga fans that have a major problem with M, I don’t here many Madonna fans bitching about Gaga.

    • Alex

      Really? You don’t know Madonna then! lol. She’s b*tchy like that. She is so making fun of it and enjoying every minute of it. Further proof is that she sings “She’s not me” right after “Born This Way”, which has lyrics like “She’s not me, she doesn’t have my name, she’ll never have what I have…”

    • Ariel

      she only sings she’s not me not the rest of the song, you are just seen fire where there’s none

  • Funny thing about this is by saying something she is fighting back. So just don’t say anything at all and people will move on to the next media made feud. I think she wants to make herself look like the victim in this whole thing when there really isn’t a victim.

    • MM

      I totally agree that for Gaga to respond by insulting and putting down Madonna (and calling her the C-word no less, an absolute low in woman-to-woman insults) – she’s being a total hypocrite. If she really felt that Madonna was being bitchy, then she should have taken the high road and just shut up about it. Instead she just comes off as immature and petty like she wants to pit her fans against Madonna fans.

      If that’s her game, all I can say is Team Madonna for life!

      At the end of the day – I am so tired of Gaga and all of her nonsense babbling. It’s so hard to be a fan of someone who is so full of themselves. Get in the real world girlfriend or better yet, get some therapy to deal with your own issues rather than inflicting them on the public. You’re a pop star – lighten up!

    • rOXy

      MM – Amen! It would help if she would get off the drugs before seeking therapy.

    • Jodi

      This exactly.

      By saying “I don’t do X, Y, and Z” and knowing that we all know who she is referring to, that is a passive aggressive way of her calling Madonna all those things.

      I would have much more respect for her if she would just call Madonna a bitch and address the issue directly. What she is doing is far more underhanded. Instead she is being sanctimonious and just comes off as an asshole. I’m officially Team Madonna!

  • Do it

    Words spoken from the defeated

    • edna

      Music isn’t a battlefield, like your life.

  • rOXy

    UGH. Pitiful. She took on Queen Madonna, gloves off! She said she felt like a winner, but I think she sounds like a whiner. “This if for anybody who feels like they are trying to be destroyed by the greatest forces of the earth…blah, blah, blah!” I lost count of how many times she dropped the F-Bomb, no class whatsoever. Pandered to her audience in a desperate way. I can’t stand her.

  • Charlie

    I think it’s hilarious that she thinks her fans a positive and loving of other artists.

  • pausethedrama

    actually she’s being shady…she sings a mel0dy 0f BTW then ExYf then ends with “she’s n0t me!” I truly think Mad0nna and gaga are just b0th part 0f that huge m0ney marketing instituti0n that keeps them all rich and fam0us. It’s an 0pera! gaga’s st0ry is exactly like mad0nnas. new y0rk undergr0und scene, big name fashi0n designer, gay rum0rs, b00k, gagas next step will be m0vies then glam[n0 m0re c0stumes 0r gay m0nsters, then pr0ducer,cl0thingline then directing! its a f0rmula! then she’ll reign f0r years and then give the new girl a hard time t0 c0nt. the cycle! if britney didnt g0 crazy, mad0nna c0uld 0f retired by n0w!

    • Lacey

      I quit reading this by the time I got to the second zero in place of the “o”. Typical Monster.

    • Ben@pr

      Sane or unstable, Brit and no one from the 20something new pop singers would defeat The Queen. She’s a living legend and this is supported by her 100+ millions dollars contract she signed a few years ago.

  • Jennifer

    Gaga is toooo depressing. I like what she’s doing for her fans but baby please just entertain me!!!!

  • Dana

    Gaga should have said I was Inspired by Express Yourself and that would have been the end of it.It Works for Beyonce.Also where was Gaga when so many were Bullying Christina over her Bionic CD.Speaking of Bionic Not Myself Tonight was the wrong first single should have been Prima Donna.

  • gawd, listening to gaga is exhausting. if you don’t want to deal with the consequences, then stop ripping people off. it’s just that simple. everything she does is a rip off of somebody else. it’s like bjork, madonna, david bowie, and grace jones had a baby and named her gaga. that baby felt so insecure she copied her parents, then attacked anyone who questioned her, in the cloak of peace. give me a fucking break. tired old mess.

    • Tomasina

      She’s more original than you think. I’m sure you didn’t listen to the album.

    • i have the album, have listened to it several times and enjoy it. there’s not much original on it though and she should stop pretending there is. it makes her seem even more ridiculous than she already is. if she were just her music and a few cool performances, i’d love her. but instead she has to ruin it and open her mouth every 5 seconds. she’s incredibly pretentious and full of pseudo-intellectual bs. we all see through it.

  • Xadax

    Oz?! Like she didn’t tear Xtina down. FAKE. She needs to take that big dose of THE TRUTH

  • Dominic

    This bitch has so many contradictary messages, shes just rambling on and on, saying words that she thinks matches, shes so apparent.

  • MIchael

    I was at that show and it was amazing, but thought it was a bit of a ramble and could not help notice tje dig at madonna.

  • Jesse

    I actually side with Gaga. I think Madonna should really think that though it gets the masses talking, the message of btw is all about acceptance. They’re both on the same side. Channel that bitchy additude to those who actually deserve it. I’m not a Gaga fan but I do know a bully when I see one.

  • Ryan

    If she really meant all that she would have said this when her X-stylist said that they where “ripping off Madonna on purpose and that Madonna should be bitter”. There was a shot at the end of born this way where they clearly photo-shopped her to look like a cross between GAGA and Madonna, as if to say ‘I’m replacing you’. The truth is Gaga was willfully trolling Madonna fans and encouraging her fans to troll. This speech is the height of passive-aggressive hypocrisy

    • Jenner

      Laurieann Gibson is not Gaga’s stylist, you moron. And she was being ironic with that comment, I’m sure that slipped past you too.

  • H
    • Jenner

      Most ignorant piece of shit I have ever read.

    • Ariel

      that articule speaks only the truth

    • Ben@pr

      I really liked the take on the 25 years ago issues, SO TRUE. I addressed it a little bit on my post below before I read your link.

  • jenn

    i love gaga! i believe that this woman has saved lives of young people feeling alone and unloved..or unloveable. born this way is a wonderful anthem.

    hells bells at this point it seems like everything is derivative. just move on and dance!

  • Ben@pr

    Gaga would have avoid lots of criticisms if she admitted from the beggining that BTW was inspired by Madonna’s EY. Instead she claimed it was all-original and came completely from her creative mind.
    Madonna didn’t force anyone to make her Queen neither she self-proclaimed it. She just earned her well deserved title with a long, steady and successful career. Because more than 25 years ago when ignorant people thought that because you were gay automatically you had AIDS. She stood by her gays in a time when being gay was considered the worst kind of human being and in the media the gay presence was almost non-existence.
    Madonna also paved the way to the so called now independent, out-spoken and in charged of their sexuality female pop singers. Never forget she’s The Pioneer for the modern female pop singers. The thing is many of them and their fans acknowledge this undeniable fact and admit The Queen was their inspiration ever since they were little girls. In the female pop music world first comes Madonna and then the rest. Whether or not she took some risks and broke taboos for the sake of publicity many people to this day have had benefice from them. BTW I think is lovely that Gaga claims her fans don’t want her to fight, bite or being cunty because many times it seems like many of them live by those three words.

    • Jenner

      What if it wasn’t inspired by Express Yourself? What if Born This Way is original? I’m sure they have the receipts.

    • Lisbeth Slander

      Let me just save you the time and trouble. There is nothing original about Stefani Germotta whatsoever.

  • LiQue

    Why the war just show us the fucking email she supposedly sent you and that would shut Madonna’s mouth once and for all. Like she did with Piers Morgan, who said Madonna was banned from his show and then Madonna’s manager showed and invitation to piers’ show in england. it’s getting old this thing I used to like Gaga until I saw her live, the spell was broken, she talks tooooo much, and it felt like a self motivational thing rather than a rock concert. it was really dissapointing.

    • Jenner

      Madonna is allowed to defend herself, but Gaga isn’t?

    • LiQue

      she is and she did in the Jay Leno show when the whole thing exploded and she said that Madonna’s people sent her an email and Madonna congratulated her on Born this way that she loved the song… so to end it produce the email and it will end the whole “feud”. and make Madonna look like a fool. “If the Queen Says so.. so it shall be” where her words not mine.

  • Johnny

    Shut the f*** up gaga … like for real!

  • Jesse

    I hate when an argument over who is better breaks down to money because most of the worlds greatest artists died without a penny to their name, regardless of 100+ million dollar contracts… Bottom line is she sells tickets by her name, clearly not by her new material.