Nick Cannon Tweets Adorable Pics Of The Twins


Just this week we got to see blurry but still gorgeous pics of Mariah Carey with her twins, Monroe and Moroccan as they arrived in Nice, south of France. I was just telling you about how totally excited/obsessed I get/am about dem babies and crave seeing pics of them, and today we get to see a new set of adorable pics of the bubs. Mariah doesn’t often make photos of her kiddies public and neither does hubby, Nick Cannon. Today however Nick has posted two great snaps of his stunning offspring onto his official Twitter account. Check out these total cuties. Ah, ovaries.. shhh!

Nick put up two pics… one with the caption “Ridin around and they gettin it!” along with this totally scrumptious photo.

Then this one… “Roc big pimpin in Italy!”

OMG! Okay, please tell me that it isn’t just me who is obsessed with these two munchkins? How cute are they? I love the pic of Moroccan (aka Roc) hanging out in his bathrobe like a real little rockstar, and the one with the two of them riding in their little car – seriously, it’s too much.

I know that there wasn’t much of a “story” to go with these pics, but I just had to share rather than keep them all to myself. I know I probably have a bit of an unhealthy relationship with these little ones, but they’re just so cute I wanna squeeze them. :)


  • Courtney

    it took you long enough to post about these Nick tweeted these photos while they were in capri inbetween Mariah’s private gigs in Morocco & Monaco. they are absolutely adorable and Nick’s obviously a proud dad

  • Tracy

    They are soooo cute and a good mixture of both their parents. They look like Mariah then they look like Nick. Sooo cute either way.

  • Sistah_Tru

    I was expecting do-rags & gold caps. :(

  • jessica

    Ok, Ill be the bitch and say it, but Roc has got a HUGE forhead in the first pic. yikes!

    • Megsterg

      He’s a baby. His hair hasn’t grown in yet. Come on now

  • Courtney

    @Jessica he can’t help that Mariah had gestational diabetes and macrosomia is a result of that not that it detracts from his cuteness some people have prominant foreheads Stella McCartney for example not that it matters

  • mimi

    they are the CUTEST Hollywood babies, just adorable!!