Movie Review: ‘Prometheus’


From the first moment that I learned that Ridley Scott was releasing a new sci-fi film, I was immediately excited by the prospect of being wowed by another brilliant film. The promo trailers that we have seen over the last few months for Prometheus looked promising so I was really looking forward to seeing the film for myself. Last night, David and I ventured out to see Prometheus and, I’m sorry to say, it was not a film that I could really love. Scott does an amazing job with the direction but the writing left MUCH to be desired. Prometheus was co-written by Lost creator Damon Lindelof and therein lies the problem.

Firstly, I really must stress that Prometheus is a beautiful film to watch. Ridley Scott’s vision of the future is, as usual, really wonderful to behold … even the bad parts, Scott manages to make the fantasy world of the future look like art. BUT, a film is made up of more than just how it looks. From the start, the story and plot of Prometheus felt weak and it just kept getting worse as the film unfolded (and the film’s weaknesses had Lindelof written all over them). What really bothered me from the start was how poorly fleshed out the characters are. This film features a collection of SCIENTISTS who practice the absolute worst science ever. Upon landing on an alien planet, they just all decide to take their helmets off. Sure, why not. Then they start touching things that they have traveled billions of miles to study without any concern about how they might alter or destroy the artifacts they came to study. THEN when presented with a new snakelike life form, they decide to just reach out and touch it … pet it, as if it were a stray kitten. I mean, yes, this may sound petty but I could not for the life of me reconcile that we are to believe that any scientists would travel to the other side of the universe and then act like a bunch of idiots. If a film can’t impress me with such important details then how can I be expected to suspend belief about other things? The story overall is not really solid or cohesive. We are left to make huge extrapolations in an attempt to … well, I’m not sure what. This movie felt like it was trying to conjure up big, larger than life questions but, at least for me, it only served to dump a heaping pile of stuff on the screen and then end. There were things that I liked, particularly the allusions to other Ridley Scott films (if you know what I’m getting at) and I felt the last 30 seconds were the best part of the whole film. So while I did not love the film, I can’t say that I hated it either.

Here’s a note to file away, if you are ever running from a massive and round ship that is rolling toward you … don’t run IN FRONT OF IT because you could get smashed. Try running to the left or to the right and let it roll past you. I just wanted to put that out there.

Despite my disappointment, David and I did have fun last night:

Today, I have a few errands to do but it should be a pretty fun day. I hope YOU are having a great Saturday!

  • Tracy

    LOL! Too funny I love your movie reviews. I was going to go and see it today but changed my mind, when one of my co-workers went to see the mid-night showing. He was totally disappointed and he pretty much had the same review as you did but he wasn’t able to articulate his feelings on the movie as well as you. He was so hyped for the movie and left so disappointed he was unable to put his feeling into words other then very boring and disappointing.

  • Niki

    “Here’s a note to file away, if you are ever running from a massive and round ship that is rolling toward you … don’t run IN FRONT OF IT because you could get smashed.” LOL, why do they always do that??

  • Laura

    There were some pretty strange inconsistencies, to be certain, but I still thought it was entertaining. Nothing mind-blowing, but I really enjoyed myself. David was far-and-away the high-point for me. But I’m a Fassy fangirl, and he can do no wrong in my book. :P

  • Lindsey Schaaf

    I have to say I loved it. I really liked the gods of mythology and how it connected with Prometheus and it’s ability to morph into this different direction. It’s stunning for Ridley Scott to completely redefine an Epic like Alien after 30 years. I love all of the big questions and answers. 5 stars in my book.

    • Jas

      I absolutely concur with you. Honestly, if we had no prior influence from these science fiction movies about certain protocols that would inhibit contamination, we would not even humor the removal of one’s helmet in a human life-sustaining environment, one that was supported by a plausible theory of terraforming the inside of the ship to make the atmosphere inside the ship more hospitable for oxygen-dependent life. Scientists do follow necessary procedures to end up with a process that yields statistically accurate data (as much as possible), but the skeptic in every scientist- and the skeptic living in most human beings- would have allowed them to remove their helmets and it not be such a: “WTF are you doing!? You know you’re going to die if you expose your face to that shiz!” Anyways, it was great. I loved it.

  • Veronica

    I was talking to my husband about your review because he saw it last night, and he said that you took the words right out of his mouth! He was somewhat frustrated with the movie as well.

  • LaToya

    Totally agree with your comments Trent….I was also disappointed when Chalize’s character took that dramatic pause to say “father” that line brought the cheese

  • Brandy K

    Yes! Every single guy around me, my husband included made some comment to the effect of “why run to the left or right when you can run forward and get crushed!” Erg!!! The biologist touching that that snake like thing also infuriated me. Didn’t he turn tail and run with the geologist at the first sign of something creepy? And now he’s all adventurous? Lord have mercy. But, yes, it was beautiful and IF they get the green light on a sequel, I think they have an opportunity to really improve and make something great.