Lady Gaga Teases The Release Of Her New Album


The woman who is not everyone’s cup of tea, and wears crazy shoes, Lady Gaga took to her official Twitter account yesterday to announce to her fans that she’s completed work on her next record and has an album title reveal set for September. You may recall that Lady Gaga announced the title of her previous album, Born This Way, in September 2010. Two years has whizzed past and now we are being told that there is a new Gaga album on the way. Ready or not, it’s a coming…

Lady Gaga’s tweet doesn’t reveal much more than the fact that she has completed work on her new album and is set to reveal the name, and I’m guessing some more info about it, in the coming months. In 2010 when she released Born This Way, even though the name was unveiled in September, the record didn’t ultimately came out until almost ten months later, so just cos Gaga is saying the new album will be unveiled in September, doesn’t mean that we will actually be seeing or hearing anything then.

Gaga is currently on her world Born This Way Ball tour, and has just touched down in Auckland, New Zealand. She has certainly been a busy bee prepping for her huge world tour, and completing her next album. I’m keen to see what she comes up with next and hoping for some new sounds. I know PITNB readers have mixed feeling about Lady GagaGaga album?

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  • Diegoland

    Total MEH, if it’s like the last one, I’ll probably end up buy the entire album just to erase everything but one song…

  • Jean

    still waiting for the Heavy Metal Lover video. =[

  • Will

    My favorite album is still “The Fame Monster”. “Born This Way” was cool but some songs were more wacky than catchy.
    One of the things I like about her is her ballads. Usually I find pop ballads kinda cheesy, but Gaga can pull it off pretty well IMHO.
    Can’t wait for the new album. Even if I’m pretty sure it won’t be out this year :(

    • Lynne

      I completely agree about her ballads. She’s great with those. “Speechless” is by far my favorite Gaga song to date. :)

  • Jim

    I hope it is more The Fame (Monster) than born this way. Such a better quality of songs and they were actual hits. Every song could have been attached to a video.

  • Are those Laboutins?

    • Eri

      You mean Louboutins. And no.

  • Jaime

    There are very few people who can sit in front of
    a piano and do what Ms. Germanotta can do.
    I’d like to see her focus less on her image and
    totes go to town on her music. I look forward to
    her next record!

  • rOXy

    Those dumb shoes just get more and more ridiculous. Anytime you need to hold onto someone to avoid falling, it’s time to change into something more, oh I don’t know, sensible?

  • DJ

    Ooooo, a title… I am hardly able to contain myself. Perhaps we should organize a big party for the revealing.

    Is this what our world has become?? We now have to hype the time when a TITLE of an album is gonna be released?? Really?? I thought teasers for music videos were the stupidest thing, but this has totally bypassed that.

    I’m all for new music, even by the song stealing Gaga (cuz the woman does do some catchy tunes), but tell me when there’s actually music to listen to. What am I gonna do with a title?

  • Alys

    More Bad Romance/Paparazzi/Speechless, please.

  • Neal

    She needs to release a “ballad version” CD of her greatest hits – that I would walk on glass to get. The high energy versions? Not so much.

  • Dezden

    This tour she recently started is supposed to last quite awhile… I wonder how this will all go down.

  • karen riess

    well shit, i’m excited to see what she brings next.