Jennifer Lopez Shoots Down Engagement Rumors


What is the best way to stop a false rumor? Confront it. This is exactly what Jennifer Lopez did today about rising engagement rumors. J.Lo went to her official website to clarify that she is NOT engaged to her beau, Casper Smart. People Magazine reported a few days ago that rumors had started after J.Lo began wearing a questionable ring on her left finger and a tweet (later found to be a fake) came from what appeared to be fashion designer, Roberto Cavalli, saying that he had been approached by J.Lo to make a “special dress”. That tweet turned out to be a total FAKE from a hacked account, and Jen wasn’t going to stand for it. She squashed that rumor quick smart. Check out what went down…

Jen went straight to her website to clarify what is going on. Along with a HOT pic of herself, she quoted her 2002 hit saying…

“Rumors!!! Don’t be fooled by the rocks that I got. No engagement!”

So, what actually went down this week? According to People magazine

Speculation ricocheted around the web that the pop star, 42, and her beau, 24, might be ready to tie the knot when fashion designer Roberto Cavalli seemed to send out an intriguing Tweet to his followers on Monday.

“Today , Jenifer Lopez. Call me…… She ask me. To create a special dress. For her next weding. !” he appeared to Tweet. “Wich color … Do you advise me. ?”

But any imminent plans for the couple to wed are not true. Cavalli’s rep tells PEOPLE that the designer’s account had been hacked and “therefore it’s completely false,” and a close Lopez source says, “They are not getting married. They are not even engaged.” Lopez’s rep also denies she’s getting married.

I think it’s great that Jen confronted the rumor head on, and she did so with the perfect amount of wit and her signature don’t-mess-with-me attitude. I have to say when I first heard about the Cavalli tweet I was suspicious… I mean, it was pretty bizarre. I do know that J.Lo and Casper have been getting increasingly close, but I didn’t quite think they were at the engagement stage just yet. She has certainly set the record straight for now, but just because there is no rock now, doesn’t mean there won’t be… hmm….


  • rOXy

    I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I wasn’t always a fan of J.Lo, but these days, I adore her. I hope she doesn’t marry Casper. Marriage hasn’t worked out so well for her. They can do the Brad and Angelina thing. Live together as a married couple, just without the legality. That way, he won’t become entitled and she won’t get bored. Go J.Lo!

  • ChristineLA

    I would think she would want to actually be divorced from the last husband before announcing a new engagement. Aren’t she and Skeletor still married?

    • Kay

      Skeletor! LOL!!

  • Ben@pr

    She just wanted to post that pic. She looks just like 13 years ago: super hot!!!

  • Lee

    Some much plaastic surgery! She has made several doctors rich.

  • Katie

    Why does her booty look so small in that picture?

    • sara

      Cuz she really doesnt have a big booty it is fake just like the rest of her.