First Time Mom-To-Be Elizabeth Berkley Hides Her Baby Bump


Back in March we heard that the gorgeous Elizabeth Berkley was pregnant with her first child. Saved by the Bell and Showgirls star Elizabeth was spotted a couple of months back proudly sporting a burgeoning bump, but today we have pics of Liz hiding her baby belly under an over sized bag. Guess the bump watch is a bump wait?

Elizabeth will always be Jessie from Saved By The Bell in my eyes. I lurrved that show growing up so I was super excited for her when I read back in March that she was expecting, and I was kinda, secretly hoping that she would be a bump watch we could really enjoy over the next few months. While I do love watching a celeb bump over the course of the 9 or so months I do also really respect a woman’s decision to keep it private, so good on Elizabeth I say – even if it means we don’t get to bump watch her right now.

Pregnancy is such an intimate experience (I would assume, having not been through it myself) and I can’t imagine what it must be like to have millions of people watch and gawk at you and try to snap pics of you. I know, I know, it’s totally ironic then that I love seeing the pics. I guess for me, it’s like sharing in the experience with a friend – being there throughout the process. Back to Elizabeth though. She looks gorgeous, and maybe in the next few months she will decide to show her baby bump off to the world, and maybe she won’t. Either way, it’s all good.