Britney Spears & Co. Bring ‘The X Factor’ To Missouri


Yesterday we got to see photos of Britney Spears making her arrival on Day 1 of the X Factor auditions in Kansas City, MO and today we get to see a couple more behind the scenes photos from yesterday’s taping. As you may recall, Simon Cowell was not in attendance yesterday due to illness but his UK X Factor compatriot Louis Walsh was on hand to fill in. Click below to see a cute photo of the Kansas City Crew of judges — Britney Spears, Antonio LA Reid, Demi Lovato and Louis Walsh — and check out another cute photo of the judges celebrated LA Reid’s birthday backstage.

The Kansas City crew! Louis Walsh @britneyspears @ddlovato & @LA_Reid

Look at that smile! Britney looks fantastic. I am really, REALLY looking forward to seeing these tapings on TV this Fall. I’m also looking forward to more fun behind the scenes photos like this in the coming months:

Not everyone gets @BritneySpears singing Happy Birthday to them! Here’s the judges celebrating @LA_Reid’s today!

Day 2 of auditions is already underway in Kansas City so we should be seeing and hearing more soon. I’m really happy that things seem to be going so well so far. I know there are a lot of doubters and naysayers out there but I have full faith that the Holy Separit will prevail. Amen.

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  • BradywantsMoore

    Britney is fab of course… But can I say, How goregous is Demi looking??!!! Wow she looks goregous!!!

  • Valerie

    Britney looks so old…she hasnt looked the same since 2006 no matter what she does – the old britney has forever left us :/

    • Megan

      I’d agree that she hasn’t been the same since 2006 but I don’t think she looks old at all! She looks younger than her age (30) and I think she looks way younger than Christina Aguilera and Lindsay Lohan.

    • @Valerie — “she hasnt looked the same since 2006″ Um, prolly because it’s 2012 and she is getting older like every other human being. I don’t understand how people can fault her for not staying 23 forever.

  • gayana

    Britney looks odd… her smile, to some reason, doesn’t look natural, eventhough im sure she’s having a great time… weird =/

  • Sarah

    She looks really good. I think a lot of people compare her to her 20 year old looks and body. I feel sorry for her in that respect. I wouldn’t want people comparing me to the way I looked when I was twenty. Our body’s change, hers still looks great. She is 30 with two kids and she looks amazing

    • @Sarah — So agree!!!

  • Tonya Stone Cardwell

    lol I’m sorry, but Britney does NOT look younger than 30. She looks OLDER than 30, infact to me she looks like she’s in her 40’s. She’s aging horrible, she looks horrible for 30. You can’t deny that.

    • @Tonya Stone Cardwell — That is your opinion, yes, but I do not agree that she looks horrible … for any age. She can’t stay 19 forever, shaming her for daring to age is kinda lame.