Azealia Banks Quits Being A Rapper, Quits Twitter Altogether


Uh oh, it sounds like rapper singer Azealia Banks is falling apart … all over the place. Earlier this week it was reported that Banks parted ways with her manager Troy Carter and then, seemingly out of nowhere, not only decided to stop associating herself with the “rap world” but she also decided to delete her official Twitter account entirely. Azealia is now posting her personal messages on an official Tumblr account (which is a way for her to communicate with the public without having to deal with responses). Click below to read the full text of her rap/Twitter retirement message.

never was…. and as soon as i started paying attention to bullshit urban media, i started getting myself in trouble. From now on i’m a vocalist, and will not be associating myself with the “rap game”… or whatever the fuck that means… no more twitter for me… it makes me entirely too accessible. Catch me on tumblr… it’ll be more interesting. / i just don’t want the label and all the other crap that comes with the “rap game”… it’s boring. rather be a dance artist.. lol.

OY! This is a lot of drama for an artist who has yet to release her debut album. I personally believe that most of this ridiculousness is due to Azealia’s youth and inexperience. It would prolly be better for her to just keep her head down, continue work on her album and stay off the Internet for a while. Because she doesn’t know any better, she is putting out these public statements that are silly and juvenile. The young woman has gotten herself a lot of attention and exposure and she doesn’t seem to know how to handle it all. I really hope she is able to get past all this drama and find success. It’d be a shame if she piddled away all of these amazing opportunities just because of her immaturity.


  • Zach Rickel

    Hey I say props to her actually. I was just ranting the other day about how I think it’s ridiculous how “close minded” the urban/hip-hop/rap community is in regards to “their” artists experimenting with other sounds. Like all the flack that Nicki Minaj is getting because she included 5 dance songs on her new record. It’s crazy. Props to you Ms. Banks!

  • pausethedrama

    Pr0lly s0me m0re illuminati BS….as a rap artist she’s pr0lly f0rced t0 pick beef with s0me 0ther artist, might even be s0me0ne she admires but isnt as relevant anym0re…ala lil kim! even m0res0 since she’s pushing a tuff B pers0na! And als0 alternative artist get t0 keep thier cl0thes 0n in ph0t0 sh00ts! The rap game is very twisted!

  • JCZ

    Lol and she likes to criticize Nicki Minaj…

  • This makes me really angry. As someone who’s been rooting for her all this time, she is really behaving stupidly. I believed in her talent so much, it gets me angry that I wasted $5.00 (which is nothing to me) on iTunes for her recent EP. Where the hell is that Tara Banks gif where she is screaming at the model for wasting her experience?!

    • I’m so annoyed, I called Tyra, “Tara”. Anyway, this is how I feel about Azealia right now.

    • Iris, thank you for posting that link! LMAO, but I think she might need a second to fall back, in a way. Lots of people “retire” or quit the game but I’m sure this isn’t the last we’ve heard from her.

    • Ella

      Iris- I see. I’m not on twitter(I still don’t understand it’s purpose, lol!) I think just as Trent said it boils down to her age. Taking part in Twitter wars is childish. Maybe she doesn’t like the person she’s becoming…She has to be going through something if she’s essentially silencing all the noise.
      I agree the way she said it seemed…impulsive. That’s the age I guess. And to be clear I am by no means using her age as an excuse for poor behavior. I just re-read my post and that’s kind of what it sounds like. I just hope she’s planning on doing some maturing before she opens her mouth again online.

    • @Iris — LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Ella

      @Iris-I have been rooting for this artist as well since 212 dropped, but you know what? Trent is right. She is very young and entitled to take control of her life in a world where she may feel she has none.
      She got huge pretty much over night and I can’t imagine the pressure that comes with such success and high expectations. If you love the music you got from itunes then it is 5 dollars well spent.
      Many young celebs jump right into the game and face all sorts of personal and professional problems.
      Props to Azealia for having the maturity to step back and take control of her career instead of letting the sparkles and shine of celebrity shackle her.

    • I would understand this, if I wasn’t a follower on Twitter. This is what gets me more angry. She drops one management, to change to the next, starts work with Missy Elliott, says we are going to love the new album, than goes berserk over lady gaga’s manager, rants about their relationship while he states they split amicably…than goes on a rant that her next manager must be a female or a gay man. While this is happening, she’s having many a Twitter beefs with Iggy Azealia (another female rapper), Lil’ Kim, Nicki Minaj, and their fans. A.B. has also had “beef” with a majority of urban bloggers. They were negative, but soon much drama for a new artist.

      I am all for a passionate artist to follow her heart, but she is acting her age and she is not thinking clearly. I rather she states she has to take another break, recollects her thoughts, and not state her negative feelings so freely. It’s really bizarre.

    • Ella, I totally agree with everyone on here. However, it was the drama she partook in that makes me annoyed. That energy for replying back, defending herself and more, could have been used to lock herself up in the recording studio.

      If she came from a place that said, hey everyone, just a little tough here and I need to refocus on my direction – than, perhaps use it for creative uses later in the future. Not to spit out the first thing that pops into your brain about the industry. It’s irresponsible.

      Shannon, lol first thing that popped into my head.

  • Desi

    Who knows what went on behind the scenes…the music industry is prolly not run by the nicest people looking out for her…they are using her for money and maybe she wised up. Yeah, it may’ve been smarter for her to keep her head down and use it all to her advantage…but some great artists [Prince..] have had some major beefs with the music industry. Hopefully she’ll surround herself with good managers etc.

    • fmx

      Good point, who knows maybe her managers, etc. were pushing her to become somebody else, happens all the time. Though if she wants to be a “vocalist” I wonder how she will react any differently to the drama, I was hoping she would have followed through with the rap career after fighting with everybody. I get her message about the bs of the rap game, if you think about it there is no famous rapper who hasn’t gotten to where he or she is without the feuding.

  • D

    Could barely understand a word she spoke anyway. She sounded like some Scottish woman who has lived in Barbados for 10-years. I seriously fail to see what was unique or special about her in Any Way at all. I wish someone could explain it to me.

  • Sam

    Well, let me ask you guys this. Do you prefer someone who basically speaks through their publicists and feeds their fans and/or the public with obvious BS (a la Rihanna and that whole Chris Brown collabo), or do you prefer someone who, while impulsive, speaks from the heart?

    I understand that she’s young (although not much younger than me), but she has a right to say what she feels. Celebrities are people too, ya’ll!

    • D

      She totally has the right to say whatever she wants. Unfortunately people like her are nothing without the record execs pushing her image and pretend-talent down the general public’s throats. So this could be potential career-suicide.

  • Sam

    I agree with you D. Although I came to know of her through tiny blogs who supported her and not through mega record labels. Also, I don’t think she’s untalented. She wrote 212. Even though it might not be your style of music, it’s a hella well written song that has an unusual flow that makes it really hard to rap along (believe me, I’ve tried lol). She has talent, she just needs to hone it in.

  • Banana

    i have absolutely no idea who she is. after reading all the comments, i still have no idea who she is. is she someone famous again?

    • Sam

      She was on her way until she said some things that people qualify as stupid lol