The Late Robin Gibb’s Private Funeral Takes Place Today


Today marks the funeral service of the late Robin Gibb. We heard the sad news that the Bee Gees icon passed away in May after a long and brave battle with cancer and pneumonia, and today is the day that Robin’s close family and friends get to farewell him. A private church service is being held today at St Mary’s Church in Robin’s former hometown of Thame, Oxfordshire. We have pics from the funeral procession so we too can farewell Robin from PITNB.

Robin Gibb was one of the last members of the iconic pop group, the Bee Gees, and he died May 20th, 2012 after his long battle with cancer. He was just 62 years old and even though he appeared to be getting better a few weeks prior when he woke from his coma, sadly the struggle ended with his family by his side. Robin had been undergoing chemotherapy for colon cancer for months and he hit a setback after contracting pneumonia. The musical icon was paid tribute to by lot of people in the wake of his death, and today is that final, and most important occasion.

Here are some photos from the funeral service that is being held today in Thame..

While it is always so incredibly sad to see a funeral, particularly when it also heralds the loss of a true pop icon, this one looks quite beautiful and elegant. Taking place in Robin’s hometown of Thame attributes the service the poignancy and intimacy that it deserves. Robin’s death is a great loss to music and pop culture but he was tragically unwell for many months so hopefully now he can lay to rest in peace. Lets all send our best wishes to the Gibb family and friends on this most sad day.


  • Norma

    Your article was beautifully written and the pics are great…Im so glad it really was a family and genuine farewell, elegant, without turning the funeral into a circus.

  • ganesh

    anyone else notice and wonder why youngest brother Andy Gibb was not included in the pictures inside the funeral brochure?…

    • Sue

      My guess is that he was not one of the Bee Gee’s.