Seven (Affordable) Funky Finds


Who says celebrities get to have all the fun? I have labored on the world wide web of random pretty ish for like 2.5 hours to find you guys a few cool things that you could probably actually buy, without even cashing in all that Facebook stock you just bought. Wink. But that’s how it works right? You cash in your stock? I dunno… At any rate, I implore you try one of these ridiculous, totally self-indulgent items. Trust me, I know you have better things to do with your hard-earned cash, but I’m learning that the occasional, non-bank-breaking purchase is more than  fun: it’s healthy. So here are a few items I thought might make you smile… even if you don’t buy them. Anyway, online window shopping is the new SWAG. Because we needed a new SWAG.

1. Giant Gummy Bears

Embrace your inner child with one of these big & beautiful 5 lb. gummies. $29.95 at Red Envelope

2. Alphabet Mini-tote

Speaking of kids, aren’t these mini-totes adorable? Would totally get one for Jonovan and “borrow” it on the daily. $30 at Plastica Shop

3. Ciate Caviar Manicure (Nail Art Kit)

This is one of those things I may or may not ever have the balls to eventually try (like stiletto/pointy nails), but I think the kit is awesome. $25 at Sephora

  • Katie

    Ok – I totally need the beer holster!

  • nicole

    oooh i want that nail kit! it looks fun.
    guess whos heading to sephora soon? this girl.

  • LaToya

    Shannon after this post I must say Trent made a brilliant decision bringing you on board! Love the mini totes.

    • @LaToya — I will happily take the credit :) Shannon is a very welcome addition.

    • Lulu

      Yep, She’s a keeper!! :)

    • Ava

      Agree. Love Shannon. Love her wit, style, topics and quality writing.

    • Thank you LaToya!
      Thank you Trent!
      Thank you Lulu!

      You guys make my new job so easy :)

  • Cate

    Aww, I really like this article. So many things I liked but too bad I live in Australia.. and most of these sites only ship things within the United States :( You guys have the best online shopping, so jealous.

  • Sistah_Tru

    A big bump in your pubes… That’s a funky find.

    • Truer words were never spoken… ? LOL, thanks Sistah_Tru

  • Dezden is my favorite place to weird but AMAZING stuff… you will probably like it too. LOL!

    • Thanks Dezden– I’m there!