• Amber

    She is still absolutely, positively adorable!!

  • splacer

    Are the President and First Lady (in that picture) wax figures?

  • Z

    I’m sorry but this article is just weird. Just b/c two spouses have similar skin/hair coloring does not mean they look like each other and saying that they could be “brother and sister” is just creepy. :P

  • Amarie

    @Z I was just talking about this the other day. Couples that look alike or even look related tend to stay together! It’s weird but it’s a fact. I liked this post! :)

  • jane

    Really? They look alike because they both have short blonde hair?

  • Ben@pr

    To me Portia just got a summer hair cut, that’s all. Regarding their personalities I think anyone who’ve watched them doing interviews knows they have different personalities.

  • Cate

    LOL this article is ridiculous…

  • Dezden

    I SWEARRRRRRRRRRRR this is so totally true!!! I say it all the time. Sometimes I even feel like friends are destined to get married because I can see they look alike (not usually, though sometimes, in a “twin” type of way). I’m glad I’m not alone in this theory.

  • ….

    Wierd Article!! Some pictures are so ridiculous….
    a boy and girl dont “look-alike”……OMG!!