Portia De Rossi Is Starting To Resemble Wife Ellen DeGeneres


Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise are starting to eerily resemble one another, and it’s not just the sunglasses. They often dress in a similar way, have the same coloring, and could be believed to be brother and sister (if they didn’t have a daughter together!)

  • Amber

    She is still absolutely, positively adorable!!

  • splacer

    Are the President and First Lady (in that picture) wax figures?

  • Z

    I’m sorry but this article is just weird. Just b/c two spouses have similar skin/hair coloring does not mean they look like each other and saying that they could be “brother and sister” is just creepy. :P

  • Amarie

    @Z I was just talking about this the other day. Couples that look alike or even look related tend to stay together! It’s weird but it’s a fact. I liked this post! :)

  • jane

    Really? They look alike because they both have short blonde hair?

  • Ben@pr

    To me Portia just got a summer hair cut, that’s all. Regarding their personalities I think anyone who’ve watched them doing interviews knows they have different personalities.

  • Cate

    LOL this article is ridiculous…

  • Dezden

    I SWEARRRRRRRRRRRR this is so totally true!!! I say it all the time. Sometimes I even feel like friends are destined to get married because I can see they look alike (not usually, though sometimes, in a “twin” type of way). I’m glad I’m not alone in this theory.

  • ….

    Wierd Article!! Some pictures are so ridiculous….
    a boy and girl dont “look-alike”……OMG!!