New Couple Alert: Justin Long And Kate Mara Are Reportedly Dating


It looks like cupid has aimed and struck another Hollywood couple – reports going around today are saying that Justin Long and Kate Mara, the sister of Rooney, are dating. Now, there are a lot of cute young couples in Hollywood at the moment but this one I gotta tell you is, as my best guy friend would say, super cute! According to Us Weekly, Justin and Kate are in a “very new” relationship, but were spotted getting cozy in New York last week. Lets all say a collective “awww…”

A source tells Us Weekly that Long is in a “very new” relationship with actress Kate Mara. The couple were seen getting cozy on Saturday in NYC’s East Village. Mara, 29, held on to Long’s arm as they went for a stroll. A source tell Us, “She took him out for his birthday.”

I for one hope that this is a real hook-up that lasts. Justin is adorable, I mean seriously adorable. There is something so likable about this boy from Connecticut. He first got noticed really when he played the nervous teenager Warren Cheswick in the TV series Ed back in 2000, but I loved him in the offbeat horror film Jeepers Creepers, even The Breakup with Jennifer Aniston. I like Justin so much I didn’t even mind him as Lindsay Lohan’s boyfriend in Herbie Fully Loaded.

I much prefer Justin with Kate over his ex Drew Barrymore. There is something seriously adorable about these two, but I’m not going to get myself all excited just yet until we know for sure that they’re actually a couple. They could just have been on one or two dates – and we all know that this does NOT mean you’re a couple. What do you think of this new couple??


  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    They will make a most adorable couple!!!

  • Kelly

    oh for cuute! :)

  • Anna

    Longara. It has a ring to it :) Super cute!

  • Jenn


    side not. i just watched jeepers creepers for the first time.