Britney Spears Arrives In Kansas City, MO For ‘The X Factor’ Auditions

X Factorney Blesses Middle America

Last month, our dear Britney Spears graced the city of Austin, TX with her hallowed presence on the first day of auditions for the forthcoming second season of The X Factor. Today, Kansas City, MO is the newest lucky city to host Britney and her X Factor compatriots for more auditions. Sadly, Simon Cowell is unwell so Louis Walsh from the UK version of The X Factor is filling in for him … but it don’t really matter, cuz all eyes are on the beautiful Britney Spears.

In Austin, Britney wore pink … for Kansas City, she looks magnificent in white. I mean, she looks glorious, don’t she? Before she arrived at the venue for today’s auditions, Britney shared a Viddy message with all of her social network followers:

LOL. These videos crack me up. But, if she keeps making them, they’re sure to get better … right? Meh, who cares … I’ll love her entirely anyways ;) Because Simon isn’t working today, Britney got to reunite with Louis Walsh for today’s auditions:

Hope that Kansas City is ready for @TheXFactorUSA to roll into town tomorrow….let’s go! @simoncowell @ddlovato @la_reid #KCFactor / Louis? That guy is on the real housewives or something….right? @TheXFactorUSA RT @ddlovato Yeah, substitute teacher!! / Just kidding! Love Louis. Met him at @TheXFactor in the UK! Welcome to the @TheXFactorUSA gang. / I can’t believe I’m actually saying this…but I miss @SimonCowell. Hope you feel better soon!

Aww … so cute!!! Let the Kansas City auditions continue! I’m sure we’ll be hearing some fun stuff from Britney and the gang this weekend. Wee!!

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  1. jj

    Britney is soo beautiful, she should wear light blue headband and she will look like Alice from the wonderland :)

  2. rOXy

    Her look is perfection. The dress, the shoes, the hair, the smile, PERFECT!

  3. this is the best her hair has looked literally in YEARS. love the dress too (much more than the pink one), so happy to see her looking this amazing !

    • JCZ

      Yeah it looks healthy for a change. I do with she would style it more though. The first audition it looked nice, but fake. This looks real, but just brushed.
      Baby steps – but she does like great! And thankgod it wasn’t one of those tight fitting dresses that she has only worn in her past 5 or 6 public appearances.

  4. cmc

    She looks so much more comfortable here!!! It makes me so happy to see that :)

  5. Alys

    This is how Britbrit -should- look all the time: genuine, natural, a knock-out in white. I dig how bright her smile is and the classic shape of that dress with its full skirt suits her ripped, toned body much better than I think the pink one did. I’m loving the patterning on it.

    Her hair would look prettier if styled — I’m looking at the photo of Taylor Swift in the “You might like… John Mayer whines” article, and wish Britney did something old world glam like that.

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