Alexander Skarsgård Is The New Face Of Calvin Klein ‘Encounter’


Have you ever dreamed of having an encounter will True Blood star Alexander Skarsgård? Well, here’s your chance. Skarsgård has just been unveiled as the new celebrity spokesmodel for the Calvin Klein fragrance Encounter. I have to admit, I’ve always wondered what a hottie like Alexander Skarsgård smelled like … now, I’ll finally find out. HMMMM. Click below to see Alexander’s newly released Encounter promo ad.

True Blood starts this Sunday and we.cannot.wait. Apparently, we’re not the only ones excited, either: Calvin Klein announced today that Bon Temps’ sexiest vampire, Alexander Skarsgard, is the face of their new men’s fragrance Encounter, WWD is reporting. The print ad will be accompanied by a TV spot, both of which will break in September and both of which will costar the lovely Lara Stone. Steven Klein shot the campaign, which Skarsgard described as “very film noir,” and marketing guru Fabien Baron gave creative direction. Encounter will hit department store counters in the U.K. in late August, followed by a September global rollout, and is priced between $40 (for 1 oz.) and $72 (for 3.4 oz.). It will have “top notes of mandarin, cardamom and rum.” Yes, rum. According to Thomas Burkhardt, vice president of marketing for Coty Prestige, the campaign for Encounter, “tells the story of unresolved tension and desire between a man and a woman.” Tension because the man kind of wants to suck the woman’s blood, obviously. We may have True Blood fever, but this campaign is definitely giving us some vampire vibes. Stone even sort of looks like Anna Paquin’s Sookie: Both are blonde and have gap-toothed smiles. Skarsgard is definitely doing his Eric Northman glower (though Eric would never have a five-o-clock shadow), and the whole aesthetic of the campaign, right down to the fragrance’s name, is ominous and dark. Obviously, we love it.

Rum. MMMMMMM. I understand that Alexander is a frequent visitor of my gym here in LA but I’ve yet to run into him personally. I’ll be sure to keep an eye out so that I can, hopefully, get close enough to give him a smell … er, you know, for professional purposes only. That way, I can report back and let you all know how he smells. See, I’m only doing my job. Yeah, I think I’m gonna go to the gym now and wait for him. Bye.


  • brittany

    OMG If I ever saw him at the gym I would seriously faceplant on my treadmill.

  • Erin

    He is beautiful…

  • BKNY1999

    I ran into Alex in the West Village in NYC last summer when he was filming “What Maise Knew”. He was such a nice guy. Doubt he was wearing Encounter then, but whatever it was he smelled wonderful.