10 Miles High


Welp, I did it. I managed to break the 10 mile barrier yesterday on my weekly long run and altho it was not an easy task, I felt absolutely amazing upon completion. I haven’t had the time to devote to a serious long run in a couple of weeks so my 10 miler was a bit overdue but better late than never, eh? It took me a bit longer than I may have liked to run the 10 miles but I did it! To celebrate, David took me out for a nice dinner together, just the two of us. ‘Twas a very nice night, indeed.

Now that I have my first 10 mile run under my belt, I can focus on my first 10K race this Sunday. I’ll be participating in the West Hollywood Pride Run Sunday morning. Since I ran a long run yesterday, I’m taking today and tomorrow off to rest up for the 6+ mile race Sunday morning. It’s Pride Weekend here in LA and rainbow colors are going up all over the place. Last night, we went to dinner at Tortilla Republic on Robertson and we saw city workers painting a crosswalk in WeHo with rainbow colors. Today, after the paint dried, the colorful crosswalk looked glorious in the light of day:

It’s going to be a super gay weekend in West Hollywood this weekend … I can’t wait :) Honestly, I don’t usually partake in the festivities but since I’m running the WeHo Pride Run on Sunday, I guess I’ll get into the spirit.

Happy Friday, Happy Weekend, Happy Pride, y’all!!

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  • Krissy

    That is one beautiful crosswalk. :) Makes me smile.

  • Jenn

    1. congrats on your run. that is awesome! good work!
    2. good luck on the 10k this weekend. how fun and rainbowy that event will be!
    3. that is the best rainbow crosswalk e.v.e.r
    4. i like to make lists.

  • Natasha

    That is such a gorgeous crosswalk! I should really try and make it to WeHo this weekend for some of the festivities. Happy Pride Weekend!

  • rOXy

    So I’m guessing since they actually painted the crosswalk, it will be a permanent fixture? Would be nice!

  • Miles

    SO proud of you buddy! Way to go! As a runner and a PT (physical therapist) it warms my heart you have discovered the joys of running! You’re hooked. I can feel it. :)

  • Double digits! Congrats! My blog post today is actually about increasing the distance in your running. I think you are already doing lots of the things I suggested. I’d just say, don’t worry about your time in training runs. It’s hard, but your body will thank you, and you’ll race faster as a result.*