• fmx

    it’s good, the vid and all i just wish it had a little something more for having so many people on one song. It’s like he ran out of verses and called up his buddies.

    • fmx

      and i’m sick of 2chains in every feature, like he’s supposed to mean something to me. I don’t know any shit what he’s about but there he is, again !

    • fmx thanks for the comment. 2Chainz kinda blew up with his mix tapes and yes, now he’s everywhere! He was also one of the Playaz Circle duo. They did Duffle Bag Boy with Wayne.

  • Iris

    I am also sick of 2 Chainz, but this video was simple yet the egos in the room made it a whole lot better than what other sub par rappers would do.

    • Iris, great observation. These guys have def mastered the art of the big ego. I love it!

  • nicole

    im not a fan of 2 chainz. but i love how this video is so simple yet they make it seem so much more. i mean come on, its shot in a parking garage, with what – one car..and it still looks interesting.

    • Yes! I think the director had a lot to do with its awesomeness.

  • nicole

    and Shannon – i love how you brought hip hop to this blog. and i’ve loved all your post. you’re fantastic!

    • Thanks for the support nicole. I honestly wasn’t sure if we had Hip-Hop fans on PITNB so I started with the Nicki post and since I got a good response, decided to go with it. So glad I get to do this with you guys!

  • blaqfury

    I have such a love/hate relationship with hip hop….sigh. Beat is nice. Love the simplicity and mystique of the video.

    • I hear you blaqfury. No one genre should have so much power– it gets abused sometimes. But there is some really cool stuff happening– I think this video is one of those things. Thanks for the comment!

  • Amarie

    I’m sorry but I had this song on repeat for like 44 days straight hahaha. Loveee it.

  • Amarie

    4* holy crap not 44 I’m not that obsessed hahaha :)

  • omg. i love kanye, but what’s with that pic? he looks huge! is it some kind of tribute to biggie smalls, or what? jesus.

  • Fmx

    I guess im not a fan of big collabs in general. Look at me now was so dragged out and disjointed from having too many styles on one song at least this is more cohesive.