The Season 5 Cast Of ‘True Blood’ Covers ‘Entertainment Weekly’ Magazine


OK, so maybe not the entire cast of True Blood is featured on the cover of this week’s issue of Entertainment Weekly but damn near all of them are … each, on their own individual cover. In celebration of the forthcoming season 5 premiere of True Blood on HBO this Sunday night, EW has published a whopping 11 different covers for this week’s issue. Sookie, Bill, Alcide, Lafayette and MORE! Click below to see all 11 covers of this week’s issue of Entertainment True Blood Weekly magazine.

When penning the fifth season of True Blood, the frightening yet disarmingly funny vampire drama that returns to HBO this Sunday, creator Alan Ball found inspiration (in all places!) by watching the scary-in-their-own-right presidential primaries. “My first instinct about going into religion and politics was from watching Michele Bachmann, who thinks she has a direct line to God.” Ball told EW. “What would happen if she became president? A lot of right-wingers would like to see a theocracy in America. From there we thought, ‘What would a vampire theocracy be and how would you justify it? What kind of impact would it have on humans?’” The result is a battle between the Tru Blood-sipping Authority, headed by Roman Zimojic (Christopher Meloni), and religious extremists like the Sanguinistas, who believe humans were created by God for one purpose only: to serve as a hearty meal. “Sanguine is from the Latin word for blood, and I was trying to find a name that like a real movement,” explains Ball.

We think it works! To kick off another year that includes the most ambitious sets to date (wait ’til you check out the latest hipster hangout, courtesy of production designer Suzuki Ingerslev), EW shot not one, not two, but eleven covers featuring the irresistible denizens of Bon Temps. What’s that, you say? Too heart wrenching to settle on an Alexander Skarsgard cover when you’re dying for the latest likeness of the smoking Stephen Moyer? Have no fear!

Get all 11! To collect all the True Blood issues, click HERE.

LOL. I think it’s safe to say that the folks over at EW magazine are big TB fans, don’tcha think? We are just days away from the premiere of the new season so while we wait for Sunday’s all new ep, let’s spend all of our time running around all over town looking for all 11 different covers of EW magazine. OR, you can just click the link above and order them all at the same time. Which cover is your fave? I’m gonna hafta go with the stripper guy from Magic Mike ;)


  • Natasha

    Wait, you mean season 5, right?

  • nicole

    wait i see Tara….is that hinting that shes not really dead?

    • JCZ

      See, THIS! I gotta go back and watch Season 4 – a whole year is too long to wait between seasons that I always forget. Darn cable shows!!!! I only remember the King (even forget names!!) coming back and that crazy religious dude being a vampire.

      Waiting definitely sucks!

    • becca

      From what I understand the new season has a lot to do with the undead in a way that the books never dealt with…I’m thinking zombies…but I can’t wait to see a scene that has been hinted at explaining the Pam/Eric connection a little better.

  • JillyD

    Wait- are we 100% sure that Sam Trammell and Jason Trawick are not the same person?

    • ausettofegypt

      good one. they do look so much alike in that pic

    • @JillyD — To my knowledge, the two have never been seen in the same place, at the same time. HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM.

  • JillyD

    *and HaHa at the first three comments unintentionally starting with “wait” lol!

    • nicole

      hahaha nice catch

    • Natasha


  • ausettofegypt

    wait, but did you see Joe’s beautiful body trying to get out of that shirt! omygoodness

  • Joon

    I love this show! So excited. My Sunday night escape …

  • BKNY1999

    Can’t wait to get home and see which one is in my mailbox, though I hope its Alex or Joe ;)

  • Kassie

    Is it just me or does Christopher Meloni look just like his SVU character but with fangs and a stake now? I still wish he never left SVU :(

  • Keith

    As hot as the guys are (and first of all, where’s the Hoyt cover?) I think I’m going to have to go with Jessica. I don’t know what it is about her, but she’s one of the few women who make this gay man fell funny…down there.