Target Is Selling Gay Pride T-Shirts In Support Of Marriage Equality


A couple of years ago information came to light that revealed that the Minnesota-based retailer Target donated $150,000. to an anti-gay politician. As a result, many people — me included — vowed never again to shop in Target stores until they stopped funding anti-gay initiatives. It turns out that Target has finally seen the light. The retailer is currently selling a line of Gay Pride t-shirts to raise money for the Family Equality Council, an organization working toward marriage equality in the State of Minnesota. Among the shirts offered for sale is one that was designed by Gwen Stefani (who, you may recall, launched her own line of children’s clothing for Target). Click below to see the Gay Pride shirts that are being sold at Target stores around the country.

Target Corp. is selling gay pride T-shirts to raise money for a group working to defeat a same-sex marriage ban in Minnesota — and is reportedly blocking emails from one group complaining about it. The Minneapolis-based retailer — which came under fire two years ago for a $150,000 campaign donation in support of a gay marriage opponent — is currently selling special shirts with all proceeds benefiting the Family Equality Council. In response, the American Family Association mobilized its supporters to urge Target to pull the shirts, but has since said the corporation is blocking emails sent through the organization’s internal system … Target has pledged up to $120,000 to the Washington, D.C.-based Family Equality Council, which is working against a state constitutional ban on same-sex marriage slated for the November ballot. Target started selling the shirts in late May and will continue through the end of June. Available only on the retailer’s website, the $12.99 apiece shirts come in four designs with words including “pride” and “harmony.” One, designed by singer Gwen Stefani, features the phrase “love is love.” According to the Associated Press, Target hasn‘t taken a stance on Minnesota’s ballot question. A spokeswoman said the T-shirt promotion was organized by a group of gay Target employees and that it’s the second time Target has had an initiative benefiting a specific group. The first raised money for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. “Target is pleased to be able to bring our guests products they want while, in turn, helping support the LGBT community through the donation of 100 percent of the purchase price to the Family Equality Council,” the company said in a statement.

Well done, Target … very well done. I was completely crushed when I learned that Target was supporting anti-gay politicians so this news is very welcome to me. It pained me to boycott Target but there was no way I was going to give my money to a company that would, in turn, donate that money to hateful, homophobic politicians. I am so happy that Target is stepping up to fight for marriage equality in this way. The Target Gay Pride t-shirts are so popular that they are no longer being sold online due to overwhelming demand. The only way to get the shirts now is to buy them at Target stores … which I plan to do! This is such great news, I can’t even tell you. I’ve missed shopping at Target SO MUCH! Now that I know that the money spent at their stores is being put to good use, I’ll happily shop there again.

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  • Janaegal


  • ClaireMichelle

    YAY for Target! And how cute are the shirts?! Well done, Target. Well done.

  • jenn

    right on!

  • Krissy

    I really like the “love is love” shirt.

  • Kevin

    Hi Trent! Quick question: Why did you choose to never shop at Target due to their viewpoint on gay rights/marriage equality, yet I see you post pictures of your adventures to Chick-fil-A all of the time? They are anti-gay and against marriage between same-sex couples.

    P.S. love your site! My above message isn’t intended to be mean or rude…just curious if there was a reason as to why you don’t boycott CFA??

    • @Kevin — I stopped eating at Chick-Fil-A for some time now. I actually stopped supporting CFA before I stopped shopping at Target.

    • Kevin

      Oh! Oops! Sorry! Guess I missed those posts! Carry on, then! haha! :)

    • Balito

      Yep Kevin…. i think you missed some of Trent post…. he doesnt eat there anymore for sometime now,,, even though CFA is delicious… :(

    • Kevin

      Agreed. CFA is amazingly delicious. :(

  • Janaegal

    @Kevin…trent has stated he doesn’t support chick-fil-A anymore, once he learned of the type of organization they do and don’t support.

  • Kelly

    When will it cease to be ‘righting a wrong’? Ever? Everything that Target has done before and after this donation (from full benefits for same sex partners to selling these shirts) doesn’t seem to matter anymore. But because they donated to a business group that happened to support an anti-equality politician, people are dismissing all the other good they have ever done.

  • Todd

    YAY! I can stop my boycott as well now, oh and finally go get that Beyonce exclusive cd LOL. Luv the shirts!

  • Katie

    I don’t get this. So people should boycott Target cause they supported an anti-gay politician, but now that they are supporting gays they are right? What about people who do not support gays, then this could be offensive to them. I personally believe companies like this should not reveal their stance on sexual orientation, or religion for that matter. I am in NO way anti-gay, if someone is gay it is not my place to judge them or tell them they are wrong, or try and stop them from getting married. I actually believe that people should be able to get married if they want, it is their life not anyone else’s. So don’t think I am against gays at all.