Robert Pattinson’s Cosmopolis Gets August Release Date



If you’re in Canada I am crazy jealous of you because you can go to theaters TOMORROW, June 8 to see one of my favorite director’s new films. For those of us who just had to live in America, we’ll be waiting until August 17th for our chance to see David Cronenberg’s Cosmopolis. I know we’ve got some Canadian readers and I’m seriously considering hitting up some of ya’ll for an overnight crash pad so I can see Cosmopolis this weekend. Hit me up in the comments if you have a spare air mattress.

Cronenberg has been making films since before I was born, and I’m a huge fan of his more recent works, like A History of Violence, Eastern Promises and last year’s A Dangerous Method with Keira Knightley and Michael Fassbender.

Now I haven’t read the book, but Cosmopolis is based on the 2003 Don DeLillo novel of the same name, which I’ve heard very good things about. Cosompolis debuted at the Cannes Film Festival to mixed reviews. According to Indiewire, Twilight fans won’t be into this character– a sex-addicted, narcissistic billionaire who is– nothing like their beloved Edward. And “only diehard Cronenberg fans” will give the film rave reviews. So yeah, that would be me. I’ll take it.

There also may or may not be a limousine sex scene with Juliette Binoche (from Chocolat), according to The Edmonton Journal so there’s that to consider.

Yeah. Gotta see it. I know Trent gave you guys a sneak peek at the teaser a while back, but here’s the ¬†full trailer. Anybody else into it?


COSMOPOLIS – TRAILER (VO) from Cosmopolis on Vimeo.


Update: Ok, just watched the trailer again before embedding it in this post and ummm…. I love Cronenberg…. but…. I can kinda see how this might not pan out as I want it to. The actress who’s playing Pattinson’s wife is Sarah Gadon and she was lovely in A Dangerous Method but strikes me as odd and vapid in the trailer. I think I can wait for the U.S. release after all, BUT I will definitely see the film and lot it a little, based solely on my affection for the director. I do like that, conceptually, it’s hitting on some very interesting stuff– capitalism, modern society, etc. Still looking forward, but I did wanna keep it real about the trailer, lol :)


  • nicole

    so im in Canada – had no idea it was coming out tomorrow. so much for seeing Snow White (sorry Mr Hemsworth!)… my ass will be seated in for this movie, it looks fantastic.

    Shannon, i have a more then an air mattress, you can have the spare bedroom :)

    • nicole! THAT’S what i’m talking about! Lol, thank you so much and if you go, please comment about it on any one of my posts (whether it makes sense or not). i’d love to hear your thoughts.

    • nicole

      well sadly this movie is only playing in 3 theaters in Toronto, and not one of them is near me. so i guess Mr Hemsworth gets my attention this weekend after all

  • Mitchell

    Fantastic interview with Cronenberg on CBC this morning, everyone should check it out (it’s an interview for Q). There’s a lot if inisight into the movie. I’m excited!

  • Thanks Mitchell! He’s brilliant, that Cronenberg.

  • Tracy

    Now this is a movie I want to see SWATH not so much…sorry Charlize and Chris but I refuse to pay good money to see Kristen try to act.

    • bee

      I went to see SWatH on the weekend – it wasn’t all bad, actually. Kristen didn’t bite her lip or do her laugh, look away, run her hands through her hair move at all. I dare say she actually did an all right job – but that might have something to do with the little to no lines she actually has.
      I quite liked the dwarves.
      I think you’ll be surprised that it isn’t horrible.
      Charlize was very good… that may have helped ever so slightly.

    • bee and Tracy, thanks for the comments. I feel like SWATH will be ok, esp if Kristen really does avoid all those dreaded cliche’s bee pointed out, lol.

  • Jess

    Randomly happened across this movie being filmed in Toronto on my way to see Glee in concert, and I don’t even live there. Just walking along when out pops Robert, he gives a wave and drives off in his SUV. I’m from a semi-small town so it was definitely a bizarre situation

    • Jess, if by “bizarre” you mean “awesome” then yes! Congratulations, lol.

  • Courtney

    Jay Baruchel is in it? I’m there. August is so far….haha

  • Courtney– yes– I adore him. The entire cast for this looks very good; Samantha Morton, Paul Giamatti, etc.