Mariah Carey Surfaces In Nice With Her Babies, Moroccan And Monroe


Mariah Carey was spotted today at Nice airport arriving with her adorable twin babies, Moroccan and Monroe. As you know, Mariah has been jet setting around Europe for her tour and last we saw her she was performing in Monaco. As she makes her way around the south of France with her babies in tow, Mariah (and dem babies) look gorgeous as ever. Hubby, Nick Cannon, has recently revealed that the bubs are starting to walk. Check out the pics of them cuties and read what daddy Nick had to say about his kid’s growing up.

How adorable are they? There isn’t a perfect photo here of either Moroccan or Monroe but you can see even from these pics that they have really grown up. We haven’t seen pics of these little ones in a while, and I just love seeing ‘em. They recently celebrated their first birthdays a couple of weeks back and now they’re starting to walk according to daddy Nick.

“They are taking steps and figuring it out, but I wouldn’t say they are walking yet,” [Nick] says. “I thought walking was, like, one day you stand and then you just start walking. I didn’t know it was a process. There’s a lot of falling. They take a few steps and then fall and go right back to crawling.”

So which twin will master their unassisted waddle first? It’s either’s game, says Dad. “Roc can balance himself a lot better. He can stand and bounce without falling for a long time. But Monroe takes more steps than he does.”

There is something special about the Carey-Cannon family. I just love them, and whenever there are pics of dem babies I can’t help but take them and gawk. They are going to be serious little heart breakers when they are older because they are already so damn adorable.

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  • nicole

    such an adorable family.
    i find myself checking out at least once a month to see if they’ve added new pictures.

  • AriesMatt

    Who’s the cutie holding the book?

    • Jess

      Kristofer Buckle..make-up genius!

  • megan

    Dem babies have big foreheads

  • Mariah Carey was a very popular singer, model of the world and her walk style, talking style, and her dressing style hot and amazing and i hope everyone like it!

  • Courtney

    @Megan the size of the twins foreheads is a result of the fact mariah had gestational diabetes so they can’t help it. they actaully started taking steps at 8.5 months which is pretty normal and are getting a better handle on it now and Nick has every right to be a proud daddy and besides Mariah just had a concert in Monaco on June 2nd so they took a few days in france after the show perfectly normal

  • Ben

    Unlike that other singer who had twins Mariah really takes care of her babies.