Jewel Shows Off Her Newly Straightened Teeth


Jewel Kilcher posted a couple of photos on her official Twitter profile this week that make her look almost unrecognizable. In the photos, Jewel is rocking a pair of blue contacts and a set of perfectly straight teeth. It turns out that Jewel has been cast as June Carter in an upcoming Lifetime made for TV movie about the life of Johnny Cash tentatively titled Ring of Fire. Click below to see just how different Jewel looks with new eyes and new teeth.

Here I am as June in my trailer with her blue eyes and perfect teeth #ringoffire / Me and Matt Ross as an elderly Johnny and June #ringoffire

Wow. It’s pretty remarkable how a few cosmetic changes can make someone look completely different. I know that Jewel loves her crooked teeth but she looks really great with this perfect row of chompers. I don’t think she’ll go so far as to fix her smile now that she see what she looks like with perfect teeth but it might be something for her to consider. We already know that Lifetime TV is releasing a biopic about Elizabeth Taylor and now we know they’re making a biopic about Johnny Cash. It sounds like Lifetime is really trying to corner the market on the made for TV movie scene this year. As for Jewel’s new look, what do y’all think? Does she make a passable June Cash to you?

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  • Jackie

    She looks amazing. :D

  • jenn

    i like her better as her!

  • ganesh

    @jenn…totally agree! she looks weird here. Her teeth and normal hair make her HER! don’t love this look at all.

  • Jess

    I personally prefer her “wonky” toothed smile but I’ve also never been a fan of veneers and people with perfect teeth.

    After I had my braces removed my dentist asked if I’d like my front teeth filed down so they’d be all the same length, I politely refused because I enjoy imperfections

  • Sofia

    shes freakin me out, man. it just doesnt work on her! thank god its not a permanent change.

  • Stacey

    I prefer the ‘normal’ Jewel as well! Veneers are too weird looking!

  • jeannie

    She looks really strange to me and I couldn’t even recognize her. I liked her better when she had some meat on her bones. She looks anorexic.

  • Michelle

    woah! what a difference!

  • Lulu

    She had straight teeth on the Voice I noticed… I had wondered what was up with that.

  • megan

    I dont know but that is NOT Johnny Cash

  • Shannon

    ICK! Didn’t recognize her. I’m sick of fake crap. Now she’ll look like every other blonde bimbo Hollywood woman. I liked her with her other teeth!

  • Jen

    She kinda looks like leelee sobieski on the 1st pic.

  • mc_swifty

    no opinion on her look but not sure if she can pull off june carter cash. I mean reese witherspoon killed it in walk the line. and yes i realize its lifetime.

  • Katie Gogo

    If anyone TRUELY knows Jewel, then they’d know this is NOT her! At the very LEAST, the lady in the picture is a Jewel look-alike, although in my opinon, a BAD Jewel look-alike! There are hundreds of pictures of Jewel taken this year (2013) that show she did NOT receive top to bottom veneers like the lady in the picture, which would be a MUST if you compare the lady in the photo to a real picture of Jewel. She did however, have -a tooth- (one tooth) fixed and her teeth whitened in an attempt to conceal the crookedness of her teeth. Currently, all her teeth remain the same and her own, except for the one tooth she had fixed which was pointing inwards. Unfortunately, her and I never ended up with perfectly straight teeth. It was only recently that she had the work done on her teeth even though she had the money for years to do something about it. So perhaps she was or is afraid of the dentist? Also to note, Jewel’s eyes aren’t blue, they’re hazel/green, and I have yet to find a picture of her wearing blue contacts in any photo that can be found online or in magazines. You should also note the cheekbones on the lady who is smiling in the photo are very defined, which are very unlike Jewel’s.

  • lexarooni

    wow- I’m an hour into the movie right and didn’t realize it was her until I googled to see who it was. She has a serious career as an actress!!! She’s totally transformed her voice, look, and her persona. Incredible!!