Hologram Elvis Presley Will Become A Reality


It all started with the Hologram Tupac Shakur at the 2012 Coachella Valley Arts and Music Festival back in April … then we learned that deceased artists like Michael Jackson, Lisa Left Eye Lopes, Selena Quintanilla and Freddie Murcury would all be resurrected in hologram form. Today, unsurprisingly, we learn that the folks who created the Hologram Tupac are going to work their magic to create a hologram version of Elvis Presley. Yep, it’s true … the Hologram Apocalypse is upon us.

Elvis will in fact be getting his own hologram, according to Digital Domain Media Group. The group has teamed with Core Media Group to create a virtual Elvis, which will appear on film, television and other media, with concerts apparently an option as well. Digital Domain are the creators of the holographic Tupac that performed at this year’s Coachella Festival, attracting tons of attention and talks on which stars should be resurrected next, if at all. Core Media, which owns the rights to Elvis’ likeness, recently restructured itself after another of its properties, American Idol, saw a ratings drop last season. The company also recently teased upcoming Elvis projects, including a revamp of the Graceland museum, a possible drama series and a duets album with Sony. Further details, including the first holographic Elvis appearance, will be announced in the future.

Yeah, this hologram biz is really getting out of hand but I suppose it’s to be expected. Hologram Whitney Houston, it’s your move.


  • LMAO at “From the Makers of Hologram Tupac” !!! You really categorized this one correctly: OMFG! WTF! YIKES!

  • blaqfury

    So this hologram thing is really gonna happen…..smh

  • PixiesBassline
  • HoloMedia AB Hologram Gallery

    VERY late – but never too late!
    Elvis is not a hologram yet nor will he become! It is just a projected picture with a half transparant mirror, a video a computer. The nobelprized technique HOLOGRAPHY produces pictures with LASER but no camera/video and the product is called HOLOGRAM.
    See http://www.hologram.se or the blog http://www.3dhologram.se