Happy Birthday Prince… and Michael Cera!


What a mash-up! I know what you’re thinking: Prince (the legend) and Michael Cera (the kid from Juno) have nothing in common besides their shared June 7th birthday and Shannon has no valid reason for squeezing them in a post together. Yeah, I thought that too as I wrote the title. But they have at least one thing common; both are beloved by PITNB bloggers respectively. Trent saw Prince 16 times in concert last year when the legend played a month’s worth of shows in LA. And I have seen Superbad at least 37 times. Don’t compare the two blogger’s taste in artistry (as I just did in my head). Just enjoy the birthday mash-up.

Prince turns 54 today, while little Michael Cera turns 24. We’re celebrating at PITNB by sharing with our readers a few of their… uh “commonalities.” Enjoy!

Prince and Michael Cera are both singers.

Prince: Diamonds and Pearls

Diamonds and Pearls

Missy | Myspace Video


Michael Cera: These Eyes (cover)



  • ella

    I like you, Shannon!

  • Lol, thanks elle!

  • Krissy

    Apparently the share a love of creepy facial hair too! Who knew? ;)

    (And I am loving your writing style, Shannon. Very fun and you have a lot of spirit! )

    • Thanks Krissy– that means a lot to me :)

  • Sam

    What is going on with Cera’s mustache? Ouf, it’s like that 13 year-old kid trying to grow one out but he can only manage a few pricks! As for Superbad,I can confidently tell you that, like you, have watched that movie over 20 times! It’s one of the best comedies to come out in recent years IMO!

    Dudette, I’ve never commented so much on PITNB until you came along. You’re going to be very bad for me, I can tell ;)

    • LOL, Michael’s moustache is something of legend. Sam– my job is to keep you from doing your job. KIDDING. Glad you’re liking the posts!