The Day Drake Gets To Meet The Vice President… Is The Day He’s Getting Punk’d


The resurrection of the trucker hat at the MTV Movie Awards was kind of a big deal, especially if you’ve been missing Ashton Kutcher on this new season of Punk’d. I’ve caught a few of the episodes– they punk’d my girl Chloë Grace Moretz, and they got Scott Disick and Shenae Grimes too. I never thought I’d say this but… um… I kinda missed Ashton Kutcher! They’ve got some celebs punking other celebs but (insert melodramatic sigh) it’s just not the same.

Odd Future’s Tyler The Creator was the one who punk’d Scott and he was kind of funny but a bit too clever for my liking. Ashton, on the other hand, is like that guy in school who’s funny enough, but even funnier when you realize how impressed he is with his own sense of humor. I guess I missed that aspect of the show, which was a strange realization considering that I was previously unaware of being a Punk’d/Ashton Kutcher fan. In fact, I’m still not willing to claim that title. But I will say that watching Drake get Punk’d gave me infinite pleasure.

Drake’s Single Greatest Performance Ever (Peep the Woody Allen Influence):


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Ok now, real quick, my top 5 Moments From Drake’s Punk’d Highlights are:

5. The moment we realize that Drake is the world’s first VP Biden groupie:
So we don’t get to meet the Vice President, do we?”

4. When Drake confesses to losing his national disaster virginity in a hushed, romantic whisper:
That’s my first earthquake ever.”

3. The less-celebratory version of the YOLO philosophy suddenly unfolds:
(aka you really do only live once)

2. Drake’s audition tape for Woody Allen’s future biopic:
I-I-I’m here to meet the Vice President…”

1. Drake, as if on an episode of Maury, shows us just how badly he reacts to unexpected pregnancies.

Oh, she’s pregnant, f***.
(That one also may or may not be the soundtrack to my life… LMAO.)

How did you guys feel watching Drake’s emotional journey? He went from celebrity, to Woody Allen, to baby daddy in like 4 minutes. Now that’s what we call range :)

What are some of your favorite throwback Punk’d moments? Remember  Missy Elliot’s bling catastrophe? And when Kanye was going to “Pair-reee?” OMG JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE?! SMH. Good times, good times.

p.s. I really do heart Drake aka Aubrey Graham aka Jimmy from Degrassi, the soap opera of my youth.


  • Shannon, I’ve been a reader here since Jan. of ’06 and though I sighed out loud when I saw there was yet another blogger I again waited to make my judgment. Well, I didn’t have to wait long with you. You are funny as hell and your writing style seems real to who you are and personable. I love your references to quirky little things I also happen to love, i.e. Woody Allen. I love it and look forward to reading many more blog posts from you on this blog! Warm welcome from me!

    • Diana that means a lot to me. This is my first full-time writing job (!!!!) and I am loving every second of it. I also have my freak-out moments from time-to-time and I wasn’t sure if I was getting too weird with this one. Seeing Woody Allen’s face on this post made me kinda go “huh?” and I’m the one who put it here, lol!

      SO encouraging to hear that it’s working for you. Thanks again for the comment.

  • Tracy

    I saw the eps of Drake getting punk’d it was soooo funny. It was one of the best eps this season.

    • I agree Tracy! They went all out for him, lol. Thanks for the comment.

  • Julie

    I second Diana’s comments. I was not at all pumped when I realized there was a THIRD blogger on this site, but Shannon – you’re frickin’ hillarious. Keep ’em coming.

    • Thanks Julie– glad you’re warming up to the kid :)

  • Agreed with those above. Was not thrilled to see a new blogger but your posts are a joy to read :)
    This Punk’d episode was HILARIOUS. I had the pleasure of watching it live with many MTV employees and we were all thoroughly entertained :)

    • Thanks De Intern. Like I said, I LOVE Drake– and this really needed to happen :)

  • Merci

    ahaha @ Drake thinking he was gonna meet VP Biden. He’s been tryin to get a White House connection for the longest. I doubt this White House are big drake fans. Common yes, Drake no. Older folks tend to like music with soul…actually so do I. Sorry couldn’t resist…. :-)

    Anyway it was a pretty fun episode tho.