Mariana Klaveno Cast As Lilly Munster In ‘The Munsters’ Reboot TV Series


Yesterday we learned that actor Jerry O’Connell won the role of Herman Munster in the planned reboot series Mockingbird Lane (which is a modern update of the classic 60’s TV series The Munsters). Today we learn that former True Blood actress Mariana Klaveno has been cast in the lead female role of Lily Munster IF she can be let out of a previous contract to play another role in another series on another network. HMMMM. While Herman Munster is a Frankenstein-like character, Lily Munster is a vampire-like character … which should be a breeze for someone like Klaveno to play … erm, that is, if she is able to take the role.

Mariana Klaveno has been cast as Lily Munster in NBC’s Munsters reboot Mockingbird Lane. However, Klaveno’s deal is contingent on her being released from a pilot she had a regular role on: ABC’s Devious Maids. Klaveno is not one of the leads on Devious Maids and has just a few lines in the pilot. But, in light of the project’s possible move to Lifetime, in an act of gamesmanship or a mix of both, Devious Maids producer ABC Studios has so far refused to release the actress. I hear that, in a major departure from precedent, NBC is even willing to let Klaveno recur on Devious Maids in exchange for securing her in first position to Mockingbird Lane, where she would play the female lead. ABC Studios has been looking to cut costs for Devious Maids‘ potential move to cable (I hear the main actresses have been asked to take a pay cut), but the studio has not agreed to convert Klaveno’s role to a recurring so she can join Mockingbird Lane. After one extension, I hear there is now a ticking clock that expires at the end of business today to get Klaveno released from Devious Maids so she can play Lilly Munster. At this point, with ABC Studios digging in (it has Klaveno in first position until at least June 30, when they can extend her option), it is probably going to take a miracle — or a call from NBC topper Bob Greenblatt to Devious Maids creator Marc Cherry — to get her released. If that doesn’t happen, NBC will likely go back to the drawing board and start casting the Lily Munster role again.

Ah, Hollywood … drama at every turn. Assuming for a moment that ABC does let Mariana out of her contract so that she can take this role at NBC, I think she would make a fantastic Lily Munster. She has a great look … one that I think will serve the character very well. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised, tho, if ABC ended up ruining this chance for Klaveno just to make NBC suffer. I guess we should hold off on the congratulations until the dust settles in this casting negotiation. I’m all for Mariana Klaveno as Lily Munster, let’s just hope that ABC agrees.


  • Bradley

    this casting is inspired. And while she is one of the few breaths of fresh air on devious maids, she would be perfect in this role!