Lifetime TV Releases A New Lindsay Lohan As Liz Taylor Promo Photo


Yesterday we got to see a pretty impressive promo photo of Lindsay Lohan and Grant Bowler in costume as Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton in the upcoming Lifetime TV biopic Liz & Dick. Today we get to see another fairly impressive photo that features Lindsay in all her Liz Taylor glory. I must say, the photo we saw yesterday and the photo we see below really do bear a striking resemblance to the late Elizabeth Taylor. According to People magazine, people on the set of Liz & Dick “audibly gasped” when Lindsay presented herself in character. HMMM. Is this just a matter of PR spin or does Lindsay really have the Liz-look down? Click below and see for yourselves.

When Lindsay Lohan first walked onto the set of Lifetime’s Liz & Dick dressed as screen legend Elizabeth Taylor, “there was an audible gasp,” the movie’s costume designer, Salvador Pérez, tells PEOPLE. “You’d swear it was Elizabeth.” Dressed in Taylor’s favorite styles — jewel-toned cocktail dresses, fur coats and those famous gems (well, good fakes) — the actress looked remarkably like her screen idol. “She just walked into the clothes and became Elizabeth Taylor,” says Pérez. Producer Larry Thompson had some of Taylor’s most famous bling, including the 33-carat Krupp diamond, recreated for the film. “Part of the magic is the wardrobe,” he says. “And Lindsay said she wants to bring magic to the movie.” Many of the vintage dresses fit her like a glove, too; Lohan’s waist measures a tiny 23 inches, while Taylor’s was a mere 22 inches. Lohan will wear 66 different looks in the 80-minute biopic, which begins in 1961, ends with Richard Burton’s death in 1984 and focuses on their tumultuous relationship (an affair while she was still married, two weddings and two divorces). To prep, Lohan hired a voice coach and even dyed her auburn hair a deep brunette to better match Taylor’s dark tresses. Lohan’s hair and makeup will span all of Taylor’s looks, from the long lashes and red lips of the 1950s (attained using M.A.C’s “Hot Tahiti” lipstick) and the Cleopatra-inspired eyeliner and nude mouth of the ’60s to her teased ’80s bouffant, always with her trademark eyeliner to accentuate her famous violet eyes. (Lohan is wearing opalescent lavender contacts for the role.) “She brings in makeup for me,” makeup artist Eryn Krueger Mekash, who’s using mostly Chanel, Dior and M.A.C products, tells PEOPLE. Adds the movie’s hair stylist, Beatrice De Alba, “She looks so much like her. There was a moment when she saw her picture on the monitor and said ‘I’m her.’ It was thrilling.”

See, the promo photos look great … but the candid paparazzi shots that have been taken on the set of the film don’t look quite as good. In the end, post production will do much to make Lindsay look as much like Elizabeth Taylor as possible — but that is only half the battle. The other half, the more important half, will depend on Lindsay’s ability to act like Elizabeth Taylor. Now that we know she can get the look down, we don’t really have to worry so much on that front. In the coming months, when the first video footage from the film is released, we’ll get a better idea of Lindsay’s ability to portray Liz Taylor successfully. At this point, we’ll just have to wait … but in terms of how she looks, what do y’all think? Are you impressed yet?


  • the only thing i hattttte about lindsays photos is that stare. its always a seductive stare. even when she did marilyns shoot with the flowers n playboy spread, she had that dirty seedy look. its never playful.. which is how marylin monroe was. same with elizabeth taylor. elizabeth tayolor never looked at the camera witht That look… the “i know I’m hot look”. lindsay does. she thinks she’s the shit. and thats never a good quality to have.

  • Krissy

    Her mouth ruins it. How is she actually going to talk through that mutilated mouth and sound like Liz, or look like Liz when she is talking?

    I won’t watch anyway, so I guess it doesn’t matter.

  • cmc

    She doesn’t even look like a real person in this shot. Dead eyes + trouty mouth makes her look like a really creepy doll.

    Yesterday’s shot was incredible. This one…. *shudder*

    • @diNYC

      Yesterdays shot was the magic of angle, photo shop, hair and make up this one is like you said *shudder*

  • Alys

    Unlike Lindsay, Elizabeth could actually act.

    Act sophisticated.
    Act classy.
    Act, period.

  • Kelly

    Ouch! With negativity like people won’t admit it even if she does do well.

  • Katie

    She looks more like a funky looking Mila Kunis than Elizabeth Taylor.

  • Sandy

    “You’d swear it was Elizabeth”
    Elizabeth who?!
    As much as I want to see Lindsay do well, this is just a no. A BIG no.

  • Courtney

    @Sandy I so agree with you casting Lindsay as Dame Elizabeth Taylor was wrong on so many levels that even her family didn’t take kindly to it it would’ve looked nicer had they cast Daisy Bevan as young Liz and Melissa Newman as older Liz though Melissa hasn’t had to give lines on camera in nearly 35 years as the daughter Janey Quinn in the TV movie See How She Runs in 1978