‘Jersey Shore’s Sixth Season Will Be Its Last Season



For everyone who’s been waiting for this moment since Season One, it’s finally here. And today is your day to celebrate. Go ahead. Do the slow clap…… Ok. Now according to In Touch Weekly here’s how it went down on the Shore: when Snooki, Ronnie, Sammi, Pauly, Vinny, Jenny, Mike, and Denna arrived in Seaside Heights to start filming, they also arrived to alarming news. An executive producer told the cast that they were there to film their final season, and they’d better “bring their A game.”

I’m very curious to see how this season will pan out with everyone knowing it’s kinda their last hurrah. And what exactly is “A game” in terms of The Jersey Shore? It clearly doesn’t translate to “best behavior,” and it’s hard to imagine their behavior getting much more… um… guido. But anything can happen on the Shore, right?

According to sources at In Touch, the cast members did not appear to be especially upset; maybe they’re ready to call it quits and move on to… well, that’s what we need to figure out.

Everyone who is celebrating right now, feel free to get your slow clap on– in whatever way you choose– in the comments. Everyone else, please help me figure out what these guys are going to do post-filming! I have some ideas but we need to come together as a team on this one. I’ve already revealed my plans for Snooki after Snooki & JWOWW premieres this month, and I was kinda surprised to Snooki’s name on the roster for the sixth season. But of course– baby belly or no– she’s gotta get her final moment in. And I’m sure fans are dying to see her waddling around Seaside, making maternity tees  at the Shore Store and stuff. Can’t you just see her wearing one that reads, “GUIDETTE PROBLEMS“? LOL, oh Snooki.

Here are my initial post-Season Six employment ideas for the cast members:

Love ‘em to death, but Ronnie & Sam could probably use a season (or six) on VH1’s Couple’s Therapy.


Pauly D has his own show already (MTV’s Pauly D Project), but how cute would it be if he and Vinny teamed up and traveled the world together? They could be just like Stewie and Brian from Family Guy; I’ve always wanted those two to get a spin-off. Or maybe they should all do a show together. Can you imagine all the sexual tension disguised as bromance in that room? Love it.



Gimme some time– and some comments– and I’ll come up with something for the others. Maybe if Deena and JWOWW team up for Snooki’s postpartum bridal party we can get a reality TV version of Bridesmaids. Between the three of them I see plenty potty humor and schtick to go around.

Now, how do I honestly feel about the show ending? Honestly? It’s time. I always liked watching the ridiculousness on the Shore but I will never forget the Italy season airing during my last semester in school, and I missed every episode. When I completed my final paper, one of my rewards to myself involved sitting down, going to MTV.com and watching every episode I’d missed.

Bad idea. I was on maybe the sixth episode– it was the one where Sammi and Ron had that big fight.. you know… that episode… because there’s only one… and I finally understood the phrase, “I feel myself getting dumber.” That’s the truth, and it hurt to think that. I always likened Sammi and Ron to two lovers in a Greek Tragedy. But then I realized I had just seen the same thing happen, with little variation, like six times. It made for a very drab Greek Tragedy and a queasy feeling from which I’ve never fully recovered. No judgement though. Glad no one’s ever seen me in my break-up to make-up to break-up to can-we-talk-real-quick-Rahn?- to really-Rahn?!-mode.

Lesson learned. I’ll watch one episode at a time this season. Will you watch the members in their final hours? Or spend your time reading a real Greek Tragedy? Or do a little of both, like me?



  • apriljan

    “Stahp it Rahn! You’re hurting me!” .. I stopped watching it after Italy. It’s been time for them to part for a while now.

    • apriljan, agreed. I knew something was wrong when I couldn’t take Sam & Ron anymore, and I used to at least find them interesting. And yeah, Italy was weird.

  • Darcy

    I’ll watch, because it’s my guilty pleasure… but I agree that it’s time for the show to end. I shudder to think what “A-Game” means with a pregnant Snooki and a post-rehab Mike. I predict the season will be sloppy and unattractive… same old, same old.

    • Darcy, LMAO at “sloppy and unattractive.” That’s pretty accurate. Thanks for the comment!

  • nicole

    this doesnt surprise me. i mean Mikes sober now, snooki lives next door – its going to be completely different this season.
    i love me some Vinny & Pauly, they’re the only reason i watch.

    • nicole you might be right about those changes. I love that as weird as Vinny & Pauly can be, they’re probably the most most normal, most healthy members of the cast.

  • Ella

    WOOO-HOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!! Now if only we could get rid of The Bachelor/Bachelorette and Justin Bieber!

    • Ella’s got the slow-clap covered! Thanks Ella.

    • Ella

      I am jumping up and down too. :D

  • jenny

    AMEN!!! Bout time!! It’s been on too long as it is They are the luckiest bunch in the world. They got famous for absolutely nothing, parlayed it into millions in endorsement deals, spin offs, etc and can retire and they are all under 35. Must be nice. They never have to work again like the rest of us suckas. Lol.

  • Thanks for your comment jenny! We might be suckas, but c’mon. Do you really wanna be on The Jersey Shore? Lol.

  • Susan

    THANK GOODNESS. One less trashy, awful-example-for-young-people, mind rotting show on tv.

    • I hear ya Susan. Although Teen Mom is, for me, the most dangerous show on the air for young people, lol. Thanks for commenting.

  • Sandy

    Not gonna lie, I love this show. You can’t tell me most people haven’t done most of the dumb stuff they do on there. The only difference is that they’re on tv.
    Psh, if I could get paid to do stupid stuff on tv, I would.

    • LOL thanks for an honest comment Sandy!