Watch: Betty White Gets Waxed In Holllywood


The beloved Betty White was honored in Hollywood, CA yesterday with her very own wax likeness at Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum. As you may know, celebrities and notables of varying degrees of famousness have been paid tribute to in wax by Madame Tussaud’s and Betty is only the latest such luminary to be honored in this way. Betty was on hand for her wax statue’s unveiling and, I gotta say, the artisans at Madame Tussaud’s did a pretty good job bringing Betty, um, “to life” with this statue. Click below to see Betty and her waxen self posing side by side.

Madame Tussauds Hollywood had the honor of revealing the first ever Betty White wax figure with the honorary pop icon herself at the Madame Tussauds Hollywood attraction. The unveiling of the Betty White wax figure will make history, as she is the oldest celebrity to sit for Madame Tussauds artists. Truly the original “Americas Sweetheart,” Madame Tussauds is thrilled to celebrate the actresses’ accomplishments in film, television and influence in pop culture, timed to her 90th birthday and her recent comedy smashes “Hot in Cleveland on TV Land,” and “Betty White’s Off Their Rockers on NBC.” Betty was joined by personal friends and fans to playfully release her new wax figure and join another iconic Hollywood notable, Pink’s Hot Dogs, to enjoy an exclusive hot dog in Betty’s honor. Dubbed the “Naked Dog” because that’s the only way Betty takes her hot dogs- plain and simple! Betty’s figure now joins the ranks of Hollywood legends including Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn and Humphrey Bogart, as well as Hollywood’s new guard of icons like Lady Gaga, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, and Will Smith. The “Hot in Cleveland” season finale will air on June 6th on TV Land.

Wow. This is a great statue. I mean, it doesn’t look as lovely as Betty does in real life … but it’s a pretty damn good likeness. I have to hand it to the folks at Madame Tussaud’s, they have been putting out some fantastic wax statues lately. You may recall that I was very impressed with the waxen likenesses of Prince William and Kate Middleton back in April … and their Céline Dion statue wasn’t too bad either (they still need to work on their Justin Bieber tho … that one, notsogood). It’s kind of eerie to see Betty and her statue standing side by side one another. If you had a quick look at this photo, I bet you’d have a hard time picking the real Betty. I’m quite impressed with this waxen tribute, are you?

[Photo credit: Robert Freeman; Source]

  • nicole

    i think they made Betty look scary :(. it kind of reminds me how the wayans brothers looked in ‘white chicks’

    • Katie

      I totally agree. Really creepy!

  • Dennis

    Her nose looks way to wide to me.

    • Kiki

      I totally agree. Her nose is not that big, Mme Tussaud! Also her lips don’t curl up like that.

  • swile71

    Not the most flattering wax figure i’ve seen. I guess if Betty is happy with it then it’s o.k.

  • rOXy

    Sure the wax figure isn’t Ugly Betty?

  • The hair is too flat.

  • Nancy

    This looks like a drag version of Betty White!

  • Ericcc

    I want to see Betty slap the bitch who made this across the face.

  • Melissa

    They made her look like a witch! I don’t like this one at all. She’s much lovelier and softer looking than they made her look. Plus the face color is wrong!