Greta Gerwig Anyone? Watch An Exclusive Scene From Lola Versus



I’m not sure, but I think Greta Gerwig is becoming kind of a big deal. Commercially, that is. On the Indie scene she is, without a doubt kind of a big deal. Her new movie Lola Versus premieres this Friday and I can’t help but get excited about this quirky-looking rom-com-ish flick. Check out the trailer and a hilarious exclusive scene aptly titled, “Did You Just Have Sex With That Rollerblader?”


Hella Awkward Scene From Lola Versus


Lola Versus Trailer


This movie looks adorable. Reminds me of The Trouble With Bliss, another indie flick I saw starring Michael C. Hall from Showtime’s Dexter. It had a kind of light-hearted, NYC feel about it, which is the vibe I get from the Lola Versus trailer. However, I did notice that the movie itself is getting some not-so-hot reviews, so I’m thinking it probably won’t change my life, but still, I’d love to get a better perspective on the Greta Gerwig hype. Most recently she starred in Whit Stillman’s Damsels In Distress (Stillman directed 1998’s The Last Days of Disco) and this summer she has a role in Woody Allen’s To Rome With Love. If you read the Summer Movie Preview, you heard about how much I’m planning to foam at the mouth over that one.

So what do you guys think about the clips? Is Greta doing anything for you? And is it possible to be a slut and a good person? Not that I have any personal reasons for asking that. Because I don’t. Comment Me.




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  • personally, i think the best people are the sluttiest people. can’t wait to see it.

  • swile71

    Looks hilarious! Was that Debra Winger I saw in the trailer? Awesome!

    • totally debra winger. a rare treat!