First Look: Lindsay Lohan & Grant Bowler As Liz & Dick In ‘Liz & Dick’


Yesterday we got our first look at Lindsay Lohan in hair and make-up as Elizabeth Taylor on the set of the upcoming made for TV biopic film Liz & Dick. As you may recall, the photo we saw yesterday was pretty underwhelming. Today we get to see new photos of Lindsay and her co-star Grant Bowler in character as Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton and, thankfully, these photos look much better than the one we saw yesterday. The folks producing this made for TV movie have released the first official promo photo from Liz & Dick and it’s a surprisingly impressive photo. A few candid photos have been snapped from the movie set as well … check out all of these new photos below.

Lindsay Lohan plays Elizabeth Taylor and Grant Bowler plays Richard Burton in Lifetime’s biopic Liz & Dick, which chronicles the enduring love of the movie icons whose fiery romance was the most notorious, publicized and celebrated of its day. Here’s the first photo from the shoot that was set to begin today, 10 days after Bowler’s casting was announced.

The folks behind this production are not messing around. Grant Bowler was cast and in character, on set less than 2 weeks later. I have a feeling he will do very well in the role of Richard Burton. Lindsay’s performance, well, that remains to be seen … BUT, I am greatly encouraged by the black and white promo photo above. This is the first photo of Lindsay in character where she actually looks very much like Liz Taylor. It’s a great photo, I think. Classic and understatedly sexy. The paparazzi shots from the set, well, those aren’t quite as impressive. Honestly, they look like vacation shots of L. Lo on somebody else’s yacht. To be fair, we absolutely cannot judge a film based on still photography. While I was very unimpressed with the photo we saw yesterday, I am quite impressed with the official promo photo above so … basing judgements on photos is unwise. I imagine we’ll be seeing more photos from the set of his Lifetime movie and they will have to tide us over until the film is released in November. What do y’all think of these photos? Are any of your fears and worries allayed?

[Photo credit: Splash News, INFdaily; Source]

  • norcor

    the promo photo looks great! lindsay looks beautiful and grant’s resemblance to richard burton is uncanny.

    the latter shots… yikes. I just want to exfoliate lilo..

  • I know people have their reservations but I am obsessed with biopics and can’t wait to see this! How awesome will it be if Lindsay can pull it off? I think she has it in her.

  • swile71

    I think the b&w promo pic looks great but it looks like he is biting her neck? This better not be another vampire movie.

  • nicole

    i think everyone just has to remember that this is a Lifetime movie. no matter what, its going to be seem crappy.

  • Jane

    Photoshop can do wonders! Liz taylor estate needs to sue lifetime stat to stop this crap.

    • amanda


  • rOXy

    I agree the b&w promo pic is awesome. Lilo looks nothing like herself and looks very beautiful. I heard the chemistry between the Grant and Linds was through the roof, and I can see the connection in the pap shots. He is really really grasping her arm! So much that she popped her top.

  • LStu

    Pictures prove little. A talented makeup artist can do wonders. I want to see if she can get the mannerisms and the voice. The voice I think is what will make or break her preformance.

    • @LStu — I completely agree with your comment.

  • She not look As liz tylor , need a lot of things before to replace and try to make a paper as liz