Welcome To The Pinkies! MTV Movie Awards Edition


The Award: Most Likely To Drop Out Of School To Pursue Music… Only To Become An Actor… Only To Become A Rock Star
The Winner: Johnny Depp, for becoming the epitome of cool (yet again) as he played guitar with The Black Keys right before receiving the MTV Generation Award.

  • Lol! This was fun to read.

    • Thanks Iris. Glad you liked!

  • Nikita

    Love it! We need this for every awards show!

    What I wouldn’t give to have been Elizabeth Banks sandwiched between those yummy morsels!!!

    • LOL, she really milked that moment, and rightfully so. Glad you liked the post Nikita.

  • gpgirl

    and her husband was in the audience! so lucky!!!

  • Yeah– Liz strikes me as one of those women who is obsessed with her husband. That’s why she can get away with that kinda number on stage.