Welcome To The Pinkies! MTV Movie Awards Edition


The MTV Movie Awards are like The Academy Awards on pop, which is awesome because sometimes you wish the Oscars would relax and not take themselves so seriously. There’s this brilliant article, “What The MTV Movie Awards Get Right That The Oscars Don’t,” and it’s about how MTV honors the fun stuff that the Oscars have to forego– and we definitely need that kind of award show. We need both, in fact. While the Oscars pay tribute to the movies that change our lives, the MTV Movie Awards honor (and poke fun at) the movies that just kinda rocked our world, if only for the hell of it.

And now we can add The Pinkies, PITNB’s Awards for the awesome ridiculousness that goes down at many an awards show. When my college friends and I would party (like it was 1999) in NYC, we would always meet the next day for what we called “The Recap.” There was usually pizza involved. So grab a proverbial slice, and join me for The Pinkies, our recap (via high-school-yearbook-type superlatives) of the ish that went down last night. And don’t forget to let us know what you thought of the show (and, mainly, Joe Mangianello) in the comments!

And now …

The MTV Movie Awards Awards

The Award: Least Likely To Conduct Red Carpet Interviews Ever Again
The Winner: MTV News Correspondent Josh Horowitz (not pictured), for asking Michael Fassbender if it’s true that the secret catch of his new movie is that “Prometheus” is actually the name of his penis. (True Story).

  • Lol! This was fun to read.

    • Thanks Iris. Glad you liked!

  • Nikita

    Love it! We need this for every awards show!

    What I wouldn’t give to have been Elizabeth Banks sandwiched between those yummy morsels!!!

    • LOL, she really milked that moment, and rightfully so. Glad you liked the post Nikita.

  • gpgirl

    and her husband was in the audience! so lucky!!!

  • Yeah– Liz strikes me as one of those women who is obsessed with her husband. That’s why she can get away with that kinda number on stage.