Watch: ‘Prometheus’ Releases A Creepy ‘Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star’ Promo Video


Ridley Scott’s new sci-fi film Prometheus opens in theaters here in the US this Friday and to promote its release, a couple of new TV spots have been released that creepily feature the classic bedtime song Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star. I’m guessing that the lullaby nature of the song has something to do with the film’s plot — which I’m hearing from people who have seen the film is NOT a prequel to Alien (as has been assumed by many). Click below to check out these new TV spots and see if they put you in the mood for a good night’s sleep.

GAAAHHHH! Cree-py! I am really, really excited to see this film … primarily because Ridley Scott can do no wrong but also because everything I’ve seen of the film looks so damn good. These commercials are effective in their simplicity … their creepy, creep simplicity. I approve!!


  • Joanna

    This is how a trailer should be executed!

    • Agreed! And Trent, “creepy creep simplicity” is right. Something about the music gave me flashbacks to Buffy’s “Hush.” Good times.

  • If you really love Ridley Scott then please tell me you’ve seen his “Life in a Day” that came out last summer. Truly one of THEE BEST movies I’ve ever seen.

  • I saw it yesterday (in Ireland) and there is a very DEFINITE reference to Alien in it, although it doesn’t seem to be a prequel…. Excellent movie although a little patchy at points

  • sjazz

    it was a horrible movie. characters were plain stupid, untrue to what they “label” themselves as, and pointless. everything about the plot was pointless. i hate movies that have to say to the audience. OH IM A BOTANIST or something like that, and the botanist doesnt do ANYTHING a botanist does. alot of scenes were just fillers. unlike ALIEN in which EVERY scene had a point. keep in mind that i never saw ALIEN before but because i was so frustrated with prometheus, i had to watch Alien, and realised how much of a waste Prometheus was.