Watch: Lana Del Rey Debuts New Song ‘Body Electric’ In Los Angeles


Lana Del Rey performed her first of 3 sold out concert performances at the El Rey Theatre (no relation) in LA, CA last night. Lana decided to use the occasion to not only perform live for the first time her song National Anthem (which appears on her major label debut album Born to Die) but she also decided to unveil for the first time ANYWHERE a previously unheard song titled Body Electric. Click below to check out video of LDR’s performance of Body Electric and learn what other songs she performed live in concert last night.

Lana Del Rey played Los Angeles’ El Rey Theatre last night (June 3), debuting a brand new song, ‘Body Electric’, at the show. The show was her first official LA gig in six months and the first of three dates that sold out in a matter of minutes. Despite the backlash against Lana Del Rey which reached its Stateside fever pitch in January, when she spectacularly crashed and burned on Saturday Night Live in what many viewers declared the worst musical performance in the series’ 37 years, the El Rey audience was incredibly supportive. In fact, the only complaint concertgoers seemed to have was that her set ended 20 minutes earlier than advertised. Taking the art deco venue’s stage, which was decorated with artificial flowers and lavish topiary shrubs, Lana emerged at 10pm (PT) wearing a modest white sundress and nearly waist-length hair topped with a Priscilla Presley-worthy bouffant. She was greeted with wild screams from her admirers, many of whom were wearing floral garlands on their heads in tribute to the singer’s early press shots. “You’re so beautiful!”, “I fucking love you!” and “Nice lips!” were among the crowd’s cries. It was difficult to discern just how nervous Lana was, since she performed the show almost entirely in silhouette in front of a video-screen backdrop of found footage, but the audience adoration definitely seemed to give her a much-needed confidence boost. She even broke character a few times, giggling and grinning between songs, doing a coquettish dance to mimic the footage of Jessica Rabbit screening on the wall behind her, and kneeling down to grab delighted fans’ outstretched hands. As for her notoriously shaky vocals, Lana sounded surprisingly strong. Sparsely backed by a string section and no live drummer, her vocals were front and centre and rarely faltered. Lana only performed 10 songs (including the brand-new ‘Body Electric’ in which she declared “Jesus is my bestest friend”), warning the audience that there would be no encore and bidding fans farewell with a breezy “I fucking love you.” And she definitely left the fans – who milled about long after the houselights were switched on, before finally reluctantly accepting that Lana would not return to the stage – wanting more.

My friend Darion was at the show last night and he tells me he was really impressed with LDR’s show. I am seeing her at the El Rey tomorrow night for her third and final performance on this leg of her tour so I’m totally reserving judgement until I see the show for myself. I managed to stay away from most of the videos that came out of last night’s concert (well, except for the two posted here) because I’m trying not to taint my first LDR concert experience. I’m really glad she is performing a new song on this leg of her tour. I am hoping she will debut a new song at each of the 3 performances but, I’m not holding my breath.

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  • ree

    am I the only one who just doesn’t understand the hype surrounding her? i find her music…boring, for want of a better term :/