Twit Pic Of The Day Says ‘Homophobia Is A Social Disease’


Here’s a hint: It’s not Billy Ray Cyrus.
Read on to have your social justice puzzle of the day solved…

That pin is kind of awesome, dontcha think? Miley Cyrus tweeted for change via this pic a couple of days ago and I’m curious to know what you guys think. Some of us love when celebs publicly declare their support for a worthy cause, but others prefer their celebs slightly more apolitical. Although, you could argue that Miley’s pin is more social than political.

Either way, I like the idea that Miley expresses with the pin– that homophobic thinking is not a singular act but a condition that can be passed around, and so affects an entire community. This makes sense considering that we are all products of our environments, to a great extent. We define ourselves with or against the messages around us. Which is why you have whole communities (religious or otherwise) that teach, promote, and spread homophobia.

Miley’s act is a small one, but then again– maybe there are no small acts. When I lived in North Carolina for a little while I had a grand ol’ time walking out on many-a church sermon when the pastor inevitably got to the gay-bashing part. I grew up Baptist but found the Southern Baptists a wee bit um… zealous for my tastes– at least in the few churches I attended. Now I’m all about spiritual fervor, but like, the loving kind. I would find myself enjoying a good sermon right up until the part where the pastor either subtly or not-so-subtly declared all things gay as sinful and filthy. And then I’d walk out, and would usually be waiting outside for a friend or family member who had been less offended.

I guess I’d like to think that my small act led to something good, if only a greater sense of conviction on my own part.

Comment me– is Miley’s pin just a pin or a small act of something? And speaking of awesome pins that I want, a college friend of mine had a pin that said, “I’d rather be making babies.” One million dollars to the person who can find me that pin. Thanks guys.

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Also, Miley’s got some great twit pics. About 75% of them are of her new dog, Happy. Melissa told you guys about their adorably unsanitary make-out sesh a few weeks back. Check out the gallery for some more of Babygirl Billy Ray’s twitter fun:


  • ClaireMichelle

    I love this pin and I love that Miley decided to share it with her followers. She has a lot of young people following her and if this TwitPic and pin spark some thoughts and conversation among them then that is great!

    Also, she consistently posts my fave TwitPics when it comes to celebs. >:)

    • Thanks for the comment ClaireMichelle. I agree that pins that double as conversation-starters are usually a good thing.

  • ChristineLA

    Huh. This is the first time I can remember thinking something Miley Cyrus did is awesome. Good on her! If just one of her fans who has been raised in a homophobic manner starts to think about their actions, this is a good thing.

    To your question, I prefer my celebrities to stay out of politics, but this is NOT a political issue, in my opinion. This is love, and the government trying to legislate love, and that is never going to be okay with me.

    • ChristineLA, isn’t it funny how we haven’t figured out the separation of church and state or the separation of politics and the personal yet? Thanks for your comment.

  • Michele W

    I really like the pin. This is something I come across all the time coming from a small little country town. Unlike alot of my friends though, I grew up with an uncle that was gay and I loved him dearly. We were very close. I had the time of my life with him and didnt look at people as oh their differnt. He was my best friend up until the day he died and I miss him very much. As I read your comment that you wrote to ChristineLA, I thought that almost every state you goto people are not nice to people being gay and it is not legal for them to get married or anything and you are looked upon as some kind of freak show. Yet some states still alow people to have sex with animals! Oh and that is OK??? I think we have our priorities a little mixed up :)

  • Michele W I love that you used the word “priorities,” because what we value in society can be very problematic. Sometimes money out-ranks people, and sometimes– as in your example– tradition (even if it’s related to bestiality, lol) takes precedence over progress. How wonderful that you got to grow up with someone like your uncle, who clearly taught you some great values. Thanks again for the post.

  • rOXy

    I would be happy to see the day when these pins become fashionable. I want to see them on three out of four people casually walking down the street, so that anyone out of the loop just looks old fashioned and unhip.

    • I hear you rOXy– it’ll be great when we can look back in shock over the banning of gay marriage.

  • Caliban

    This is NOT the first time Miley Cyrus has spoken out in support of gay people.

    Believe me, I have all the usual adult disdain for “child stars” or shows like “Hannah Montana” (Cyrus’s Disney show), but over the last year or so she’s impressed me with her willingness to speak her mind about being pro-gay, in conflict with some of her fans. My initial response was, “Crap! Does this mean I have to start LIKING Miley Cyrus?!” Well, yes, I suppose it does.

    • Leah

      I’ve had the same response Caliban…

    • Joey

      Same response here… I can’t recall if it started with the equality tattoo, or the tweeting about the owner of American Apparel being homophobic, or the onslaught of other pro-gay messages she has sent, but she’s grown into quite the outspoken advocate for gay rights, and with her background that wasn’t to be expected necessarily. I commend her for being brave enough to lose some of her core fans to stand for her beliefs, and to pass on this message of acceptance to other young people.