The Official PITNB Summer 2012 Movie Guide


I am so ridiculously pumped about this summer’s new releases that I’m five minutes away from hanging a totally-not-dorky-at-all movie calendar on my wall (thank you Entertainment Weekly) so that I can keep track of what movies I need to see and when. It’s that serious.

Will Tom Cruise Rock This Summer?

I’d like to think that my fellow movie-lovers and I are all in the midst of some kind of love affair with the world of cinema. Some of our favorite films are like those unforgettable lovers– they consume and define us at a particular moment in our lives– and other movies are fun but (eventually) forgettable experiences, as casual as a summer fling.

Will Tom Cruise Rock This Summer?

Here at PITNB we’re celebrating both kinds of movie-going affairs with previews of movies we expect to fall in love with, and movies that will make for really good cinematic summer flings. So sit back, relax, plug in your headphones and get ready to fall seriously in love (or like). And tell us about the movies that you’re prepared to fall in love with this summer.

We expect that the memory of these first 10 films to linger long after Labor Day. In fact, with this bunch, we might even break the law of summer love and enter into a committed relationship with them when they come out on DVD in the fall.

CINEMATIC SUMMER LOVES (2012 predictions):

What: Snow White and The Huntsman
Who: Kristen Stewart, Chris Hemsworth, Charlize Theron
When: June 1, 2012
Where: Official Site, Official Twitter, PITNB Coverage
Why: We’ll finally get to see Kristen Stewart sans vampires– although she’ll still be pale, pretty, and fighting for her life, which is kinda comforting. Also, the producers who had their hands in Alice In Wonderland and The Sixth Sense are on board, and it’s going to be cool to see those elements play out in this twisted, action-packed fairy tale.