New Photos Surface From Drew Barrymore’s Weekend Wedding


Yesterday we heard that Drew Barrymore got herself HITCHED to Will Kopelman after E! News got wind of the fact that the wedding was happening. The couple have been very private about their nuptials, and even though we saw pics of Drew trying on veils and going for wedding dress fitting at Chanel in Beverly Hills, they kept the whole thing under wraps. The pics that have surfaced today of the wedding ceremony are further proof of their desire to keep everything super private. Check out the covered aisle and use of umbrellas to conceal things from photographers.

Oooh, I really wanna see more, but I do actually respect those celebs that are trying to keep things private and personal. We can’t see too much here other than the fact that Drew’s home in Montecito was converted into a wedding ceremony and function space through the use of marquees and the general vibe of the wedding appears to be all white, with white umbrellas and white tables. They seemed to have separated the ceremony and the function with two different covered marquees and of course they’ve included a covered aisle to make it even more private.

It must be seriously tough for celebs to keep things completely private when it comes to events like their weddings, and even when they do attempt to make it intimate and hush hush, flying helicopters with paparazzi manage to get a glimpse of something. In this case, they’ve done pretty well though at keeping it all under wraps. A covered aisle was a clever idea, and they’ve even gone so far as to have men holding large umbrellas to further conceal the goings on inside. I’m hoping that Drew and Will release some pics themselves though because I know there are a lot of people (myself included) who would just luuurve to see what she wore (we know it is Chanel but what else). Mazel tov to the new Mr and Mrs Kopelman!