Hi, I’m Shannon! Let’s Call This Our Awkward (But Hopefully Adorable) First Date


Dear Devoted Readers, Commenters, and Lovers of All Things Trent and Pink Is The New Blog,

Allow me to begin by stating the obvious: This is awkward. You just came on here to get your PITNB on and now there’s some new chic all up in your space trying to compose a ridiculously witty post to show how cool she is, and how much she relates to you, but let’s be real: She just got here! I speak especially, to the veteran PITNBrs– you know who you are. The ones who remember reading about Trent and David’s first meeting in Amsterdam; the ones who shed a few tears as they typed “Congratulations” on the engagement announcement post. To you all I say, again, this is awkward.

That being said, I am here. And I am beyond thrilled to be in the virtual presence of Trent and all of you who come on here to laugh, cry, gossip, gush and challenge a blogger or two.

The most important thing I can think to tell you is that I’m just plain happy/stoked/scared/happy again to be here, and I will do everything I can to bring you what you need, when you need it. My job is also to come up with big fat sexy posts that will give us all a stronger sense of what’s happening in movies, music, media, fashion, and anything else pop or culture that WE (as in you and I) see fit to blog about. I know a thing or two about what’s going on out here, but, seriously, I need your help! I’ve always loved that blogging is not what people make it out to be sometimes– alienating and arrogant. I think (good) blogging requires a community, a relationship with others. You and I are starting a new relationship, sure to be filled with moments of awkwardness and blunders and eventually (I hope… please… love me… lol) overall respect, affection, and interest in each other. And I know I can count on you all for some light-to-heavy brutal honesty when needed.

After much deliberation, nail biting (which was gross, because I’d just gotten a manicure with hot pink nail polish in honor of my new job), and a lot of pausing to ask, “does that sound pretentious/douchey?” I’ve decided to introduce myself to you in the way that makes the most sense for our world in the year 2012: via photo gallery. You’ll get to judge me based on the important things, like my favorite movies, books, and dress– and my ability to procreate BEAUTIFULLY. My captions pretty much say it all, and I seriously look forward to reading your comments. I know you’ll go easy on the new girl. It is her first day ;)

Shannon M. Houston
Pink Is The New Blog’s New Blogger

Also important to note: When I signed off on my paperwork to write for PITNB I began my celebration with this:


    Welcome aboard!!

    • Thank You Laura! So pumped!

  • Annie

    Welcome! I like you already!

    • Annie, I LOVE you already! So happy to join the team :)

  • Tiners

    Hi Shannon! Let me be the first veteran PITNB reader to welcome you! :D

    • Tiners

      Okay, third.

    • Third Is The New First! Thank you Tiners :)

  • Sam

    I’m laughing out loud. At my desk. At work. You’re awesome. Welcome!

    • Sam, it will be my daily mission to have your co-workers questioning your work ethic. THANK YOU for the support!

  • Sergeja

    Welcome from Slovenia/Europe! I consider myself a veteran too (PITNB reader since 2006 (at least) :) )

    • Sergeja, Thank You! I’m looking you up next time I’m in your hemisphere. Spent a few days in London many moons ago and I’d love to get back to Europe. Thanks for the welcoming!

  • HeatherLea1340

    Welcome! Can’t wait to hear your take on the world of entertainment! :)

    • Thank you HeatherLea1340! The short version of it is this: “Wait.Whaaat?Yes.Please.More.ThankYou.No.Wait.Whaaat?Yes.”

    • HeatherLea1340

      Sounds just like me. LoL. Oh, and don’t feel bad, I’m just now hopping on the Hunger Games train myself! ;)

    • #TeamKatniss. I’m loving her, and I love that the uber-Feminists out there are loving her. Good times!

  • Nick

    Cleveland, represent!!! Welcome to the blog!!!

    • Nick! Thank you! C-Town all day, right?! Lol. I started out in Garfield Heights and ended up in Shaker Square before I moved to NY. Down with LeBron.

  • rachel

    congratulations on your new job! i’m one of the old-timers, though i don’t post too much (my son was born on the day trent launched). i love your photo intro (and hope you bought broccoli on your graduation trip to the grocery store – .99 is a screaming good deal!). people seem to be warming up to the idea of non-trest posts (at least they appear to be less agro than they were before), so hopefully you’ll be able to hit the ground running. looking forward to your posts. :)

    • rachel

      damn typo! “non-trent” posts… (trest??)

    • Thanks for the welcome Rachel! I know this is Trent’s baby. But it takes a village, right? LOL.

      NOT getting that broccoli that night was a really bad move on my part. But never again will I miss such a golden opportunity. Never again…

  • Amarie

    Discovered PITNB in about 2005, I was a sophomore in HS lol. I think I consider myself a veteran. Welcome Shannon :)

    • Veteran Amarie, many thanks!

  • Claire

    Guuuurl, I think I love you already. You’ve got yourself a gorgeous family & great taste! Welcome, can’t wait to see more from you!

    • Thank you Claire! Aren’t those babies delicious? Lol.

  • I’ve been with Trent since he was with Erik, living in Detroit, on a kickball team. I’m 25 now and I think I just turned 17/18 when I became a zealous fan. You have a LOT to live up too, but I already think you’re welcoming entry was the best step you can take with my old ass. Welcome abroad. :)

    • Thanks for the welcome Iris! You give new definition to “veteran PITNBr” lol. I’ll be doing my best to– at the very least– match Trent’s energy and enthusiasm. He’s a great inspiration and, like I said in the post, I’m just pumped to be here. Looking forward to hearing more from you!

  • First of all I want to saw welcome to the PITNB family. Second I have been a loyal reader since at least either 2005 or 2006. I read the blog multiple times a day everyday. I wasn’t too thrilled when Melissa first joined because I thought Trent had a good thing going by himself, but understood that he couldn’t keep up with the demands of the blog now that it’s in the same league is the giants such as TMZ. That being said, the more I read Melissa’s postings the more I grew to have mixed feelings about them. I quickly got to know without reading the stories which postings were hers and which were Trent’s. I like that she posts about things Trent only briefly mentions in the news links, but the photos she uses are way too big and she doesn’t give enough of her own opinion (for the most part when she does give her own opinion it’s usually positive and never negative). I’m hoping with you, Shannon, that we get to know you as a person (the same way we know about Trent, meaning what you do on a daily basis and about your friends and family etc.) as well as a celebrity blogger. That is definitely something that’s lacking from Melissa’s posts (she was originally going to do a weekly what’s happening in NYC post, but that only lasted a couple of weeks). I’m not bashing anyone here on purpose it’s just that I’m a hardcore PITNB fan and I don’t want to see this blog become too commercial. There’s a certain charm to it that I don’t want to see go away. I just want you add to the blog and not take things away. Again, welcome and good luck.

    • Thank you Joanna. PITNB has a quality to it that simply does not exist on other sites– and this is because Trent has the unique ability make pop culture personal, and to make his personal life an extension of pop culture. He is brilliant, to say the least, and I respect what he has built here, WITH his readers. I will absolutely take your notes into consideration as I write for PITNB. I truly welcome ALL comments– brutal, supportive, and otherwise! Thanks again Joanna, for a truly thoughtful comment!

  • I like you already! Keep that wit and honesty…opinions and humor are great! Good luck!

    • Thank you Alex! SUCH an encouraging comment! Much appreciated.

  • Shannon

    Yay Shannon! I like you already!! And a fellow NYer too, winningggg!

    • Shannon from NY, Thank you! I’m not gonna lie, the beginning of 2012 was full of a lot of weirdness and wackness for me. Damn those transitional periods in life! But I had the feeling I’d be winningggg by mid-year, lol. Thanks for reminding me that that’s what we’re all doing here, together :)

  • The comment about Melissa is a bit harsh, and we should understand that all three have different writing styles. Melissa may not want to be too personal, but she does give great insights to fashion and things outside of Trent’s hobbies and favorites. I do love Shannon jumping in with “hiii bitches, i’m here and here’s my story!” And there isn’t any confusion about who the hell the new poster is. I already love the quirkiness of her writing style.

    • Yes, I’m all for keeping PITNB a happy home. I’m not the New Trent or the New Melissa. No one can replicate or replace them! Thank you Iris; always good to keep it quirky, lol.

    • Lisbeth Slander

      I’m a longtime reader of the blog as well and I couldn’t agree more with the aforementioned comment about Melissa. No offense to her, her writing style is about as eloquent as a junior high school newspaper. Her overly descriptive, flowery writing does my head in and she often says the same things again and again and again in a single post. I still visit this site, just no where near as much as before because it’s just not the same as it used to be. Nevertheless, I wish you all the best Shannon. Cheers!

    • Thanks for the well-wishes Lisbeth!

  • beth

    welcome shannon- you seem truly PITNB worthy. to be honest the addition of melissa was/is frustrating – I can tell right off the bat that your writing is going to be wildly entertaining glad to see quality assurace maintained.

    • Thank you beth! “Wildly entertaining” — yes! I truly hope so.

  • MM

    Welcome Shannon!

    I am also one of those old-timers who was here when Trent was still in Detroit and PITNB was just a fledgling enterprise. It’s been exciting to watch it change and grow and I am actually amazed that he was able to do so much for so long all by himself. Because I’ve come to love Trent so much, I am happy he finally has some help ha ha.

    Anyway, I also hope you’ll share some of your own personal thoughts when blogging about stuff. It’s always nice to hear why someone likes what they like. Seems like you’re off to a good start.

    Enjoy! :)

    • MM, thank you for the comment. I’m definitely here to help Trent out and, yes, he deserves it. And there will be much sharing, even to the point of TMI, I hope ;)

  • nicole

    Welcome to the family Shannon, you seem like you’ll fit in just fine here. I already like you – and i totally relate to your thoughts abouy kim & ye.
    P.s. you have a beautiful family :)

    • Thanks nicole! #TeamKimyeForNoEspeciallyCompellingReason

  • Greetings Shannon :) I’ve been hanging around this blog like a bad smell/heavenly scent since 2006.
    I totally dig your first post and congratulate you on your gig and heartily welcome you aboard.
    I tend to mostly comment on the Madonna stuff but pretty much read everything and will make a Pete Burns reference whenever and wherever it makes the least sense.

    • Ahhh, nothing like a great juxtapositional phrase: LMAO at bad smell/heavenly scent. THANK YOU Kent! I look forward to you working the Pete Burns angle. I’ll be doing the same with mediocre but lovable rapper Waka Flocka Flame.

  • Juneh

    Hi there, welcome! And please keep your honesty, it’s refreshing :D

    • Thank you Juneh! I try to keep it, like 80% real 100% of the time, ya know? Appreciate the well wishes.

  • Sandy

    Welcome!!! Ah, your writing is refreshing! I love it when you can read a blog and feel like you’re talking to a best friend. Trent picked a great person. Your babies are adorable.
    Good luck!

    • Thanks Sandy! So glad the writing is good. Been workin on it (along with those babies) for a minute now, lol.

  • jenn

    heeeeey girl! welcome :) can’t wait to read your posts… thanks for the fab introduction!

    • Thanks for the fab comment jenn. I really appreciate all the welcoming from you guys.

  • Chelle

    Been reading PITNB since the days of Eric so I guess it’s been a few years. ;) Welcome aboard! Looking forward to getting to know you and your words… :D

    • Chelle, you’re much older and wiser than me– in PITNB years. I look forward to your guidance over here, lol. Thanks for the welcoming!

  • Whitney

    Welcome Shannon, I hope you feel at home here. Nice to meet you.


    • Whitney, do you see all these amazing happy welcome comments?! I feel so at home. Thank you so much.

  • Janaegal

    Gurl, I love you already! I’ve been an avid reader of this blog for over 5 years and YOU my dear are a breath of fresh air! I even already love you enough to forgive the Kimnye mention! That’s some love right there! Welcome and I’m so looking forward to reading your posts!

    • Janaegal, when I like something I try to go with it– even if my morals, values, and education tell me otherwise. Kimye and everything Kardashian is a reflection of that. I’ll admit, I’m in turmoil about it myself. But, it kind of is what it is right now, LOL. Thanks for looking past it and thanks for the welcoming!

  • Jade

    Welcome, Shannon!! I’m looking forward to your take on books, movies, etc., (and gossip, too, of course). Congratulations and best of luck to you!

    • Thanks Jade! It’s so good to be here! And I’m looking forward to hearing YOUR thought on everything pop and culture too :)

  • jen g

    Welcome, Shannon!! Based on your introductory post, I think that I am going to love reading what you have to say. I can’t wait!

    • jen g THANK YOU so much! I hope I never (or at least, rarely) disappoint!

  • cmc

    Welcome, Shannon! Love your posts so far. And yup – #teamKimYe

    • Thanks cmc! There’s like 3 of us on Team Kimye so far but that’s cool. I like close, tight-knit groups, lol. You’re captain, ok?

  • blaqfury

    Welcome Shannon! I guess I’m a little late to the party. Nice (and hilarious) introduction. I guess I’m sort of a veteran, I was reading the blog pre-David and very vaguely remember Erik. I usually visit the site everyday, whereas my commenting ebbs and flows…LOL. Look forward to everything you have to add, I love reading everything on this site (except the Madonna posts, I skip all of them, shhh… don’t tell Trent). I look forward to your personal opinions and take on the world we live in. You seem like a great addition to Trent and Melissa (who I think is doing a great job as well). Welcome aboard! (ps you have a beautiful family)

    • blaqfury Thanks for your positive words. I won’t tell Trent later today/right now as soon as I finish this reply what you said about Madonna. WINK. Thanks for the welcoming!

  • Goofy

    Hopefully your writing style will be a lot better than Melissa;s.

    • @Goofy – what is with all the hate? lets all just love and be happy – the world has enough hate in it already. thrilled to have shannon on board – she is wonderful. c’mon, a little love wouldn’t go astray? do you not think your words hurt?

    • Goofy, I love getting comments as much as the next blogger BUT this… ahhhh… not so much! I’m glad you’re a reader and look forward to hearing your thoughts AND I’m the new girl who’s also just stoked to be here, WITH Melly-Mel (that’s what I call her, although she didn’t know that until now), so yes. More love and less hate is generally a good thing. Unless it’s a celebrity. They’re different. Sort of.

    • rOXy

      Personally, I think Goofy has a crush on Melissa, and shows it like a 3rd grader. :p

  • Dee

    Hi Shannon, nice to meet you.

    • Hi Dee! Thanks for the comment– looking forward to hearing more from you!

  • Goodness, I miss ONE day and look what happens! Anyway, as another long time PITNB reader who normally checks it about a gazillion times a day, the fact that we will be getting more posts in the spirit of Trent and his awesomeness, is totally fine by me! Big waves from Australia (and are you kidding me with how adorable your children are??!!!)

    • Amanda, I am not kidding you– those kids make no sense in the face, right? Lol. So Australia? You know I sooo wanna bring up that Men At Work song, right? I’ll just hum it. Is it stuck in your head yet? LOL. Thanks for the welcoming!

    • Hehe, well if the song is now stuck in your head then I feel my work here is done! xx

    • shannon m.

      Had to jump on board with the TimTam comment.. we can buy them here in Canada so i’m sure you’ll be lucky too!

    • @ Amanda – Aussie, Aussie, Aussie!! Love it!!! I miss my beautiful sunburnt country! Give it a big hug for me xx

    • Melissa – I will! I’m in Noosa, which is a ridiculously pretty place to live!!!! Btw, someone told me that you can now buy TimTams over there. Have you found the yet???

    • rOXy

      @Amanda: GET OUT!! Tim Tams? Over here? I hope it’s true! Do you know how LONG I’ve waited to be able to get my hands on Tim Tams? Like forever! I want that Tim Tam Explosion experience!!!

    • It’s by a brand called Pepperidge Farm BUT the only people I know who have tasted them aren’t Australians so they don’t have years of professional TimTam eating under their belt. Hopefully you can track some down and give them a proper test!!!

  • Emma

    Yey! Your writing style is great, very friendly. This made me actually laugh out loud and I’m looking forward to more Shannon posts, the MTV awards one was a good/funny read too.

    Very warm welcome all the way from Scotland!

    • Emma, thank you so much! Glad you liked the MTV post :)

  • ClaireMichelle

    So… I think I love you already! Welcome, welcome!

    • Than you, thank you ClaireMichelle!

  • jasmine

    Ive been reading PITNB since 2005, and I welcome all the changes! Both you and Melissa are great :)
    Ps I’m an Aussie!

    • Heyyy! Aussies in the PITNBuilding! Thanks for the welcome Jasmine :)

  • rOXy

    OK, Shannon, even though I already said “Welcome” in the Angie post, (because I read it before this one), I’m repeating it here. I am a reader/commenter from the ancient PITNB days (perhaps we should start referring to that era as PITNB BD). You have an adorable family and you seem ridiculously healthy and stable. Your tastes border on the fringe, but there’s way too much mainstream anyway. Post often!!! I am a junkie to this joint, and visit like a bajillion times a day looking for something new to think about. I’m pretty sure you’ll serve up the goodies in your unique style, and I’m looking forward to it. :)

    • PITNB BD is the greatest abbreviation I have ever read ever in the history of abbreviations. That made my night. Thank you rOXy, and thanks for the warm welcome!

  • kschoice94

    I have not even finished your post and I feel we have so much in common. Can’t wait for your updates!

    • kschoice94 so glad you feel at home in my writing, lol. Thank you so much for the comment.

  • Lisa Lisa

    Love you alredy and I’m beyond excited to read more of your posts! And I’m so glad you’re a Kim/Kanye fan. I was beginning to think I was the only one! There’s something strangely awesome about that pairing.

    • Lisa Lisa, you’re not alone. WE’RE not alone. Just wildly unpopular in some circles, lol. Thanks for the comment!

  • apriljan

    OMG, Shannon, “Meet me in Montauk”!! Well, not really, but as a fellow Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind fan, I’m so excited for your contribution! I’ll admit I was a bit hesitant with Melissa, but I absolutely adore her now. I’m sure I’ll love you too! Welcome to the team!

    • apriljan would you believe I once won a free trip to Montauk and it was insane and amazing and kinda cold. But I was so pumped. So yes, I’ll meet you there! Thanks for the welcome :)

  • Dezden

    Welcome & congrats! :)

    • Dezden! Many thanks for the welcome :)

  • Lynne

    Welcome Shannon! I myself, am also a long time reader as well. I love this introductory post and I’m so excited to see what you’ll bring to PITNB! :)

    • Thank you Lynne. I hope to bring it ALL. Or at least, like a LOT of it :) Thanks for the welcoming.

  • Ben@pr

    Welcome Shannon!!! I like your intro. I’m gonna give you a tip: always research a little bit about the subjects you will be writing about if don’t know much about them. BTW I don’t worship Angie but I don’t loath her either and I liked your B-Day gift to her.

    • Thanks Ben@pr! I’ve seen your name on here a time or two… or more, lol. And many thanks for the tip. Luckily I have a HUGE ego and hate to be proven wrong, so I do a lot of fact-checking. And when I don’t, I know you’ll be there to save/mortify me before the world :) Looking forward to PITNBing with you!

  • Tania

    Welcome Shannon! I love your post! You sound like I girl I would hang out with growing up. I’m from Medford, MA.

    • Medford stand up! How’s the Meadow Glen Mall, lol?! Thanks for the welcoming Tania.

    • taniaq

      It’s still the Ghetto Glen Mall! lol

    • LMAO. Good to know :) There’s always the Galleria.





    • Best. Sister. Ever. I Love You!

  • Marie

    Welcome, welcome!! First Melissa, now Shannon – this blog just keeps getting better and better! (oh and let’s not forget Trent as well :P)

    • Trent is the Lord of All Creation, agreed? Marie, thank you for the warm welcome. I’m thrilled to be here!

  • I like you a lot already! You’re so funny and personal. I’m a PITNB veteran and really wary of change. I like this one. It’s a bright one. Thanks for being you.

    • AmandaMarie, thank you tons. So glad to have another veteran on my side!

  • Erin K

    Welcome! Can’t wait to read all of your posts and your writing style is so funny and engaging! Love all the new additions to the blog, great job Trent! :)

    • Thanks for the welcome Erin K! So glad to join up with you guys :)

  • Hello and welcome Shannon. Best of luck to you on your new gig here at PITNB! I don’t post very many comments, but I’ve been reading this blog for 7 years. It’s the only place I come for celeb goss! It and Trent are dear to my blogging heart.

    I like your intro post and wish you well on the new adventure! I’ll stop now before I use any more exclamation points! Dang it!

    • THANKS Colleen! So good to be here! It is an adventure– and please do OD on the exclamation points. I know I plan to!


  • ausettofegypt

    Welcome to the family Shannon. I have been a dedicated member since 2006. I feel like we are all so close here and hope that you feel right at home. Together we have all shed tears and laughed out loud. We have watched celebrities fall, and some, get right back up. We have lost idols, friends and family together. And most notably, we have been able to have the opportunity to find a friend in Trent. I have always trusted Trent, and believe that inviting you to join the family is the right choice. Welcome.

    • ausettofegypt, Thanks for the welcoming! It’s great to be a part of the fam.

  • WickedSandwich

    I guess im the only one not particularly digging this chick instantly…Whatevs lol

    • Not at all WickedSandwich! I recently, unapologetically did a Kardashian post so lots of PITNBrs are skeptical :) But as long as I’m here I welcome any and all comments and critiques. Thanks for an honest comment.

  • aubrey

    Awkward can be fun. And so is your introductory post. :)
    Welcome and congratulations!

    • Thank you aubrey! Anticipate more awkwardness, lol.

  • Astrid

    Hi Shannon! Welcome!! I’m one of the veterans in here too, although I’m not commenting as much as I should. Will try to get better:) I’m a Norwegian girl living in Australia who loves gossip ala PITNB. Looking forward to reading your posts! Hugs!:)

    • Astird, thanks so much for the welcoming– and the Hugs! Also, love your name!

  • Banana

    Damn girl I like you already when I read your witty writing! Then I saw Kate Winslet is your #1 actress and the like changed to love! Then I saw that post you wrote about Angelina Jolie and damn damn damn I’m telling you, you’re my long lost soul sista!

    C’mon! Let’s go to Pink Is The New Hospital and get our DNA tests done now!

    • LMAO at Pink Is The New Hospital! I’ll meet you there Banana. Thanks for the comment :)

  • Adriana

    Hi Shannon – Adriana here, another one of Trent’s loyal followers over the years. I am eager to continue to read your stuff and am already enjoying your posts. I especially loved that in your Ester Dean post that you laughed a lil when you wrote Bieber. IMHO the only cool thing about that dude is Selena ;)). In any event, welcome to the family. xo

    • Adriana, thanks so much for the comment! I’ve definitely been seeing your name all over PITNB. Glad you liked the Ester Dean post… and yeah, I couldn’t help but laugh at that part. Thanks again!

  • SuperMacMomma

    YOU ARE F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S!!!!!
    I’m going to keep coming back for more….just because of you…
    “pinkIStheNEWblog” ROCKS!! congrads for getting the new kid- SHANNON “The Hottie” HOUSTON (Brains & Beauty)

    Love ya Shan.

    • LOL. Thanks Grandma Jewel! YOU are fabulous and a HUGE part of this.

  • Sarah

    Welcome, Shannon!
    I’ve been a devoted PITNB reader for I don’t even know how long. wishing you the best, and keep the juicy news a comin’ :)!

    • Thank you Sarah! It’s good to be here :)

  • Welcome Shannon! I’m sure you’re going to do amazingly I mean look at you you’re adorable!

    Just started a new job in Somerville and it’s freaking awesome that you grew up here. It’s such a sweet little place! Glad to see this place getting represented on PITNB.

    Good luck girl!

    • Hey Tania– OMG Somerville! Yes! It’s been a few years since I’ve visited but it’s still my home. Good luck at your new job and thanks for the welcoming!

  • Sistah_Tru

    A bitch’s meal ticket is another’s bus pass to the unemployment line. Just sayin’.

    • Sistah_Tru, you’re not wrong. Such is the life of all freelance writers. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  • Shannon

    Oh! Hi Leslie!