Happy Birthday Angelina Jolie!


She is Super Mom. Fame, fortune, a philanthropic spirit– Angie’s got it all. Brad Pitt put a ring on it not too long ago and I still haven’t gotten over the fact that she can actually fly, like, in real life.

Then there’s the fact that Angelina Jolie really, really likes being a Mom. Lots of  us say we do, and lots of celebrities say they do, but I think Angelina gets what it’s about. I mean, seriously; she can make babies, find babies, and then fly her babies all around the world. And then she teaches their Dad to fly them around the world; it’s amazing.

When I look at Angelina Jolie I think, okay that settles the gender inequality question. Women are clearly the Lords of all creation.

:) I kid, I kid. What I really think is something like, ‘Wow. You can really do pretty much whatever you want to do, if and when you really want to do it.’ A friend of mine used to say that Angelina Jolie was everybody’s worst nightmare because one day she woke up (so it seemed) and decided to be all of the things that we hadn’t seen in her. We were much more comfortable with the “other” Billy-Bob-tatted-up Angie, because she was the bad girl who kinda made us look good.  Angelina, the mother, the protector, the ambassador was frightening. And while we all stood gawking at her transformation, Angelina Jolie went right on about her business, making babies, saving babies, and saving the world. And although it seemed like she completely changed, it also seemed like she was born to do these things. What a conundrum– but only for us. Angelina Jolie actually seems confident in her own decisions, and pretty disinterested in our theories. And for that, she friggen rules.

We’re celebrating the actress’s big 3-7 with a small, virtual gift package– peep the gallery down below. We’re also seriously looking forward to new films from Angelina, Salt 2 and Maleficent (both scheduled for release in 2014). My personal fave film of hers is Changeling. She had me weeping about 12 minutes in, and it pretty much went on like that for the rest of the movie. It takes real skill to play a person who is both broken and empowered, and Jolie pulls it off with fantastic aplomb. Which role of hers do you absolutely lurve (Trent-style)?

Some of the actress’s lesser-known appearances:

Other ways to celebrate:
Watch Angelina Jolie’s directorial debut in In The Land of Blood and Honey, on Amazon Instant Video.
Watch Angie’s favorite movie (from her own filmography) on Netflix: A Mighty Heart.
Read an excerpt from Angelina’s journal, Notes From My Travels.

PITNB’s Virtual Gifts to Angelina Jolie:

An Anthony Vaccarello Dress: Because I’m starting to believe that her now-infamous leg is the inspiration for many of his designs.

  • C

    She also steals husbands and wrecks peoples lives. I HATE HER. And I hate people who love her, so. Not a great start in my book, Shans.

    • Sandy

      For you to hate someone you don’t even know is ridiculous. I’m sorry, it really is. What’s worse is to hate someone for liking someone. You should take your high school mentality somewhere else.

    • C, I hear you and I had my moments with Angie back in the Mr. and Mrs. Smith days. BUT I’m not sure that it’s possible to steal someone’s husband and/or wreck someone else’s life. We are each, individually (and with the universe perhaps) in control of our own lives. I THINK. Of course Angie has done bad things and wrong things, but I think she’s done a lot of good and, yes, I friggen love her.

      Also, you may dislike the post, but look at you giving me nicknames and ish! Although, you may have meant “Shans” in a more belittling way but my friends call me that sometimes. So there, I LIKE you C. Maybe because I like people who hate people I love. What? LOL. Thanks for the comment.

    • Sandy, thanks for the comment. In the blogosphere, we’re free to love and free to hate :) I’m just glad we’re all in it together, Lol.

  • Yeah, I so like you already.

  • Shannon

    I do not think brad was “stolen” I think Jen had already “lost” him.

    • @Shannon — Exactly.

    • Tracy

      But she did steal Billy Bob…but she got short end of that stick. I can’t believe Angie is only 37 she looks older.

  • Kelly

    Shannon- I personally haven’t ever “liked” Angie however how much can we really dislike about someone we don’t know and never will. ;) I definitely loved and respected your take on her and her past/ future! I read this blog daily and can’t say I noticed your article until today. Are you new cause I def love you already!?

  • cmc

    Love this post! The virtual gift cracked me up. Shans, you’re all right :)

    Plus, look at that impeccable grammar! *sobs*

    • Thanks cmc! My mama would be proud (about the grammar part), lol.

    • And shout-out to Johnny. Love of my life gave me the virtual gift idea. He’s the Truth.

  • Jenni

    Welcome Shannon!! You are HILARIOUS! Love this post :)

    • Thanks Jenni! Glad you’re diggin the semi-weirdness of it all. LOL.

  • Kelly

    Oops sorry Shannon I should have kept scrolling down and I would have found your intro! Ps. I know I shouldn’t admit this since Trent doesn’t talk Kardashian on here…. But since you brought it up first ;) I LOVE the idea of Kimye as well!

    • @Kelly — I love Shannon so much, I’mma look the other way on the Kim thing :)

    • LMAO. Trent do NOT read my most recent post. Whatever you do. Don’t read it……. did you read it? LOL. I love you too, Trent.

  • rOXy

    Hey Shannon! Welcome! This was an awesome tribute post to Angie on her birthday. Well done! I wasn’t always an Angie fan – thought she was a little odd, but can now see she was only trying to find her place in the big world. These days, I have to give her credit. She is goddess gorgeous, she has Brad, six beautiful children, and she finds time to give of herself for those less fortunate. As for you, I like you already. Your personality really shines through and your clever wit is evident. Great job on finding her, Trent!

    • rOXy thanks for the comment! I def remember the days Angie doing some ummm special things on red carpets. BUT I’d hate for people to judge me based on the darkness that was my early 20s, LOL. Thanks again– glad you’re enjoying the writing.

  • rOXy

    Oh and LOL at the coupon code: BABYBUTT15

  • JenHO

    How could you steal a person? Just a thought. If a man is not happy with his home, there is really no home to wrecked. And God forbid this issue is what? It happened ages ago. Brad and Angelina is now engaged with 6 gorgeous kids while Aniston is out there, getting dumped by men and is now with someone her caliber, a C-lister. lol

    • Thanks for the comment JenHO. This is such a complicated question, but overall I think we have to be really careful when we talk about one human being BELONGING to another. We are such a possessive society sometimes and I’m not sure that people (even husbands!) can be stolen or owned or given away. Thanks again for your thoughts.

  • Natalie

    Welcome to PITNB Shannon!! I’ve been reading this blog since 2006 or so, and I must say you’re a refreshing addition to the blog!!! I LOVE your writing, and I LOVE that you love Angie too, yay to more Angie posts!!! You go girl!

    • Thank you Natalie! Your enthusiasm feels amAAAAzing! Looking forward to more writing and– yes– more celebration of Angie and other women (oh and some guys) who make the world go round ;)

  • Alys

    This feels like an advertisement. :(

    • Aw, Alys I hear you on that one. I was going for “celebratory,” maybe the two are related??? LOL. Thanks for the comment.