First Look: Lindsay Lohan As Elizabeth Taylor In The Biopic ‘Liz & Dick’


Over the weekend we saw a photo of Lindsay Lohan on the set of the upcoming Elizabeth Taylor biopic Liz & Dick and, as you may recall, she was sportin’ a darker hair’do so that she would look more Liz Taylor-like. Today we get to see a new photo from the set of the made-for-TV movie of Lindsay in full Taylor hair and make-up. Check it out below.

Lindsay Lohan is all dressed up and ready to take on the role of a lifetime — and TMZ has obtained the first of photo of LiLo in full Liz Taylor wardrobe … as she gets set to start filming her new movie. As TMZ first reported, Lindsay had her hair and cut and dyed to look just like Taylor’s classic ‘do. The photo is all Lindsay … no wig, no nothing. Shooting on the movie starts this week with Grant Bowler from “True Blood” co-starring as Richard Burton.

I mean … Lindsay looks great, yes … but she looks like Lindsay with a new hair’do and a vintage dress. I don’t see enough Liz Taylor in this photo. Except for the hair and dress, Lindsay bares no real resemblance to Taylor at all. I’m certain she will look great in the film but it’s really going to come down to her acting prowess for her to really be believable as Elizabeth Taylor. Hopefully L. Lo will spend less time hanging out with her old crew of Hollywood “It” Girls and more time with her acting coach. This is a big role for her … I’m really rooting for her to shock us all with a stellar performance. As for this first look at Linds as Liz, what do y’all think? Does this make you feel better about Lindsay in this role?


  • Unfortunately for Lindsay, I don’t really see this doing anything for her career. She used to be a relatively decent actress years ago, but ever since her legal troubles the quality of her acting has gone down severely. Let’s also remember that this is a Lifetime movie and no one expects it to be Emmy worthy or anything. It should at least be entertaining. She really doesn’t look like Liz except for the hair. She’s kinda doing an Angelina Jolie doing Liz Taylor thing that really isn’t working for her at this point in time. I’m not holding my breath for anything spectacular from her. I’m only hoping that the rest of the cast is strong enough to help mask what is sure to be a lackluster performance by Lindsay at best.

  • Will

    Wow… At first, I thought that MAYBE she would be able do a good job.
    But now all my hope is gone…
    She just looks like Lindsay Lohan on another boring photo-shoot trying to look like Elizabeth Taylor.

  • Norma

    Oh no!!!!…L lo doesnt even begin to match the beauty that was Liz…It was a horrible mistake!!!!….the part shouldve gone to Meagan Fox who is truly beautiful. Dont know about the acting part tho. But for such a great beauty….NO!!!…Lindsay just doesnt cut it.

  • Jen

    I think she’ll do fine and I def. see this helping her career if she can manage to finish the film with no drama.

  • Rebecca

    I wish Lindsay all the best – I love a good comeback story. However, the radiance that is Liz would have been best left to a fresh face, so we could just watch the story. At this point, I know way too much about L.Lo to be able to suspend disbelief.

  • Jstar

    There is absolutely no way that Li Lo can pull this off. She is not a good enough actress…

  • Ana

    The actress who played Snow White in Mirror Mirror looks more like Liz Taylor in this picture than Lindsey could ever hope for. Man, if she hasn’t gotten her lips pumped she could have pulled it off.

    • Lilly Collins. was just going to say that! at least get the wig right? don’t get it. looks nothing like her.

    • Nat

      3rded-but I have a feeling this was pretty much too low budget and shlocky for any selfrespecting screen actres… LiLo gets the dregs

  • nicole

    i think im the only person who has a little faith for Lilo in this movie. i mean its a lifetime movie – which is the perfect place for her to start again. but do i think its smart for her to be play Liz? not at all. the only part that gives me hope is that, no matter who they got to play Liz, it would still be crappy and cheesy.

  • jackie

    ok first off, TMZ has pulled the only photo of liz taylor, not looking like liz taylor . obviously they have done this to make lilo look bad. im no apologist for her, but she seems like she’s doing her best to get her career back on track;how can she if at every turn there are people like TMZ fanning hateful fires? Dont think she looks like her? go look at other photo’s of liz and the pic of lilo and then make an assumption.

    • @jackie — “TMZ has pulled the only photo of liz taylor, not looking like liz taylor” Actually, they pulled a photo of Liz wearing the same hair, make-up and dress that L. Lo wears to show the comparison. There is no conspiracy going on here. It is quite natural for people to have their doubts about Lindsay’s performance. Just because we may want her to do well doesn’t mean that she will.

    • jackie

      True they did find a picture of her wearing a similar outfit,but and i will say it again go look at pictures of Liz’s face and you will clearly see that she and lindsay bear a strong resemblance. Do the diligence.

    • jackie

      and not to beat a dead ferret but their hair styles look nothing alike Trent i’m sorry hun they don’t.

  • rOXy

    Lindsay = La Liz? In her dreams. I know she’s not trying to BE her, but she isn’t even fit for a role that has anything to do with Queen Liz. That said, Lifetime isn’t exactly big time, and since they are the Cheetos of entertainment, it’s an appropriate place for LiLo.2 to carve her niche.

  • Bounds

    Gotta throw suspension of disbelief out the window on this one. Lindsey is more like an MTV reality “celeb” than a real actress. This stunt casting reeks of any gossip is good buzz for the producers. It’s a low rate on the cheap production anyway, so it doesn’t really matter. She looks more like she is in the Lara Flynn Boyle story than Liz. So tired of this chick…

  • Ummm

    Everyone needs to back off and give her a chance…

    P.s. It’s not her frickin fault she doesn’t look like Liz, she didn’t do her own hair and make up, and don’t forget she was cast by someone else who clearly believes in her and wants to give her a chance.

  • Jessicagiovanna

    A firm HELL NO will suffice. LL had had too much plastic surgery.. When I see her pics thats all I see, plastic surgery, and Liz was such a natural beauty; this just doesn’t work.

  • JCZ

    It’s purely for ratings and not for any critically rewarding attention. Go home Lindsay and stay there, but even then you’ll sell your soul to TMZ.

  • seems like they’re trying to make it too modern… and not enough like what Liz looked like when she was younger…