Beyoncé And Jay-Z Surface With Blue Ivy In Paris


Baby Blue Ivy is already nearly 6 months old and we haven’t seen her blessed face aside from those first pics that her parents, Beyoncé and Jay-Z, published themselves just after she was born. As you will recall, we have seen LOTS of pics of Blue covered in various cloths and towels to hide her face while out and about with mom and dad in New York City. Usually momma Bey is the one carrying the bubby, but today it is daddy Jay’s turn. B-Jay rocked up in Paris today with their daughter, but of course she she is under wraps. One thing is for sure though, her lil’ feet have grown.

Beyoncé and Jay-Z were spotted arriving at the Meurice Hotel in Paris today. Bey looks gorgeous in a bright pink ensemble (she recently got all toned and terrific for her return to the stage in Atlantic City last week) and hubby Jay-Z is cradling their infant under a pale blue blanket, with just her little legs and feet out on display.

Ugh, I love this family, and I totally love this baby even though I have never met her. I really understood initially why they kept Blue Ivy hidden away from the cameras, but she is already nearly 6 months old. I thought that by now they would have introduced her to the world. They did publish those first pics just after she was born, but the little bub would have grown so much by now. I’m dying to see her lil’ face. Every time I see these pics with her body concealed I try to image what she looks like. Those first pics that B-Jay released right after the birth revealed what a total doll she is..all that hair, her big brown eyes, ah ovaries be quiet! I just know that she is a totally gorgeous little thing now as a 6 month old little girl. If those squishable/eatable/totally adorable toes are anything to go by maybe mom and dad are concerned that Blue Ivy will get eaten by the public if they bring her out.


  • blaqfury

    I was actually surprised they released the first set of pictures. I honestly didn’t think we were gonna see Blue Ivy until she was walking…LOL! Maybe Beyonce will be in the holiday spirit and will put up a Christmas card on her website…for the next BIC face sighting…

  • Amarie

    Nearly 6 months!? Omg time is flyyyinggg.

  • Syslak

    Nearly FIVE months. My baby boy is 2 days older (so they are obviously getting married) and I had to explain the same thing to my hubby. June is the sixth month, but a baby born in January will be 5 months old in June. I wonder if the constant head coverage is also due to limiting sun exposure? I’ve been told to keep my bub out of direct sunlight for the first year, so he’s always covered up when we are outside.

  • Dezden

    Ahhhh, they’re so cute. I was shocked when they put out those original pics, so I’m not shocked about her being covered when in public. I thought they’d never leave the house. I’m cool with their approach.

  • Spider3tattoo

    I agree with you Syslak about the sun exposure. Not only that, but the flashes from the paps cameras (not to mention them yelling at them to get their attention so they can get their shot) might startle a baby. I too, would love to see her face, I bet she’s a cutie, but I really believe these paps go overboard and cross several lines to get their money shots.

  • Smokie

    Please. That’s a doll. A literal doll.